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8 Hidden Enhancements You Should Know in ZW3D 2019

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8 Hidden Enhancements You Should Know in ZW3D 2019

Corporate 2019-04-03 17:02:35
ZW3D 2019 official version was released in January 2019. A lot of new features have been unveiled and you may have a review here. But, here are some hidden enhancements in ZW3D 2019 CAD module you may not discover before. They are tiny but shiny, delivering a much snappier use experience to our users. Let’s have a look! 1. Switch UI Language between English and Local Language For ZW3D 2019 multilingual version, such as the French version, users can change the UI language to English in Configuration form. It is typically useful for transnational corporations. Different engineers can share one PC to work in different languages. Configuration Form-UI Language

Figure 1. Configuration Form-UI Language

2. Dock or Undock Command Form

There is a new “Dock or Undock” button on each modeling command. The command panel can be separated from the Manager so that designers can directly select the objects from the manager. This kind of interaction is much more convenient. Dock-undock Option

Figure 2. Dock/Undock Option

3. New Point List

Point list has been added to Point widget to facilitate designers to edit or delete any picked point. In previous versions, the picked points can’t be edited directly but can only be deleted. The new Point list delivers more flexible operations. Point List

Figure 3. Point List

4. New “Line width scale” in PDF Export

There is a new option called “Line width scale” in PDF Setting. Designers can maintain the line width in geometry view or change the line width to get the desired PDF file. PDF Export

Figure 4. PDF Export

5. Toggle Entity Transparency

As you know, ZW3D supports multi-shape design. More things can be done to shapes, such as new shape attribute and 3D BOM. However, you may not know another tip. From the right-click menu of a shape object, designers can quickly toggle the shape transparency. The predefined transparency can be set in Configuration Form and the operations are as below. Display -> Numeric settings -> Transparency used in On/Off (%) Toggle Entity Transparency

Figure 5. Toggle Entity Transparency

6. Unlink the Variables Generally, for a parametric model, a lot of variables and equations have been defined. But if you want to break the unnecessary associations between the variables/equations and feature dimensions, how to deal with them efficiently? ZW3D 2019 provides the Unlink function in Equation Manager, so users can directly unlink the defined expression to break the association without redefining in sketches or resetting the features. Unlink the Variables

Figure 6. Unlink the Variables

7. Adjusted Reuse Library In previous versions, Reuse Library feature is located in Assembly ribbon tab. But in ZW3D 2019, did you find the difference? Oh, it is integrated into the file browser which is located on the right side of the graphic area. If you want to insert the library part into an assembly, the workflow is much friendlier. You just need to pick the part from the File List and select the needed one according to the part preview. All are visualized. Reuse Library

Figure 7. Reuse Library

8. New Symmetry Dimension

If the symmetric view is created, designers can easily generate the symmetric dimensions for it by selecting the entity and a center line. Any line can work as the center line. If the entity is the projected edge of revolving faces, the Ф symbol will be added automatically and you don’t need to define the center line. Symmetry Dimension

Figure 8. Symmetry Dimension

Beyond these “secrets”, a lot of improvements have been realized in ZW3D 2019. Should you want to explore more surprises? Why not try it by yourself? Download ZW3D 2019>>    

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