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Hello, this is ZWSOFT Blog

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Hello, this is ZWSOFT Blog

Corporate 2018-05-23 14:28:44
Hello, world! Today is the birthday of ZWSOFT Blog. As the world’s getting more interconnected than ever, communicating, sharing and networking also become unprecedentedly important. So is it in the ecosystem of design software industry. That’s why we did it.
  • We want to share with you as much information and resources about CAD/CAM as possible, to work and grow together.
  • We want to make friends here, no matter like-minded or not, and talk freely without any concern.
  • We want to enable you to get some inspirations here, really learn something or solve some problems relating to CAD/CAM.
Here, you can:
  • Network with CADers around the world to discuss and share experience.
  • Get the CAD/CAM learning resources, no matter you are a beginner or an expert.
  • Keep updated about what’s happening in ZWSOFT and the latest industry news.
  • See ZWSOFT from a totally different angle, to know its unbeknown sides.
This is an inspiring, nice and fun journey. We are ready. Are you?  

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