How Fast Is ZWCAD 2021? Here’s Our Side of the Story

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How Fast Is ZWCAD 2021? Here’s Our Side of the Story

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How Fast Is ZWCAD 2021? Here’s Our Side of the Story

Corporate 2020-10-14 10:17:00

In the workplace, you can’t emphasize efficiency too much. The minutes saved from waiting for basic operations to be done can be devoted to actual design tasks and increasing output. Therefore, a good CAD program should help you work smarter, not keep you waiting. Thanks to the new graphic engine, the long-awaited ZWCAD 2021 official is faster than ever, especially in terms of drawing opening and basic operations. Let’s take a quick look at how efficient it is! (Pay attention because free licenses are up for grabs!)


We conducted all efficiency tests on the same computer whose system specs are: 1) Operating system: Windows® 10 Pro 2) Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3) RAM: 8.00 GB 4) Graphic card: 6070 MB

The Efficiency of Drawing Opening

1,502 sample drawings whose sizes range from 10 MB to 350 MB were opened successively in ZWCAD 2021 Official, ZWCAD 2020 SP2 (its most recent predecessor), and its counterparts, ACAD 2020 and GCAD 2020. For these drawing opening tests, we’ve coined a value called Z2CR (ZWCAD 2021 Official-to-Counterpart/Previous Version Ratio). It’ll help you better understand the results.


When Z is close to C, Z2CR is approximate to 1 or -1, which means there is little difference in the file opening speed between the two products compared. To make the tests as objective as possible, we have removed the data whose Z2CR is equal to 1 or -1.

Figure 1. Comparing the Efficiency of Drawing Opening

Figure 1. Comparing the Efficiency of Drawing Opening

As you can see, the pie chart above illustrates that 82.7% of the sample drawings were opened faster in ZWCAD 2021 Official than in its previous version, and up to 91.7% were opened faster than in its counterparts. Want to experience the speed for yourself and win a free 180-day license? Check this out!

The Efficiency of Basic Operations

We also endeavor to facilitate the operations users frequently use. As a result, executing basic commands like COPY, MOVE, ARRAY, and COPYCLIP is comparatively swifter in this version. How much swifter? The chart below generated based on the sample drawings collected from ZWCAD users can tell. Apparently, it costs way less time to run basic commands in ZWCAD 2021 Official than in the subjects being compared. Among them, the efficiency of COPYCLIP has been improved the most dramatically in ZWCAD 2021 (roughly between 5 and 7 times faster than in its counterparts compared). The outstanding performance of ZWCAD 2021 Official can further free you from waiting for simple operations to be done.

Figure 2. Comparing the Efficiency of Basic Operations

Figure 2. Comparing the Efficiency of Basic Operations

By now, you should have a general idea of how fast ZWCAD 2021 is. This new version can help significantly increase your design efficiency, and you are encouraged to tell us your side of the efficiency-improving story (and win free 180-day licenses)!

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