How Fast Is ZWCAD 2021? Let’s Hear Your Side of the Story!

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How Fast Is ZWCAD 2021? Let’s Hear Your Side of the Story!

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How Fast Is ZWCAD 2021? Let’s Hear Your Side of the Story!

Corporate 2021-01-08 11:43:00

Regarding the question, how fast can ZWCAD 2021 be, we’ve told our side of the story. As the curtain descended on the Drawing Opening Event 2.0, it’s time to hear your side of the story! Before you read on, we’d like to say thanks again to every participant in this event. This article, unfolding according to the opening speed of drawings from big to small, wouldn’t have come into being without your contributions.

100+ MB Opened in Less than 1 Min

For starters, let’s look at the big league. Although such large drawings are not usual, they are truly representative of the speed of ZWCAD 2021. The largest file opened in this event is nearly 550 MB and was successfully loaded in only 33 seconds. Even if we look past this particularly impressive one, you can see that at average, the drawings bigger than 100 MB can be opened in less than 1 minute in ZWCAD 2021. 

50~100 MB Opened in a Dozen Secs

Moving on, here is the middle range. In general, drawings whose sizes are on both ends of this scale can be opened in a dozen seconds. For example, a 61 MB one was opened in 4s and an 83 MB one in 15.26s. 

10~50 MB Opened in Less than 10s

Now, we’re narrowing it down to the regular-sized drawings that you would encounter in daily work. As you can see in the slider below, normally, you can open files within this range in less than 10 secs. Whether a large-scale layout or an intricate 3D model, it takes very little time before you can start working on those drawings. 

You Are Heard

Besides figures, we wanted to hear your voice as well. Having received numerous lines of heartfelt words in different languages, we’d like to share some of them with you.

[su_quote cite="Andrea Sorbi from Italy"]ZWCAD 2021 is faster than the 2020 version. The Xref Manager is good and doesn’t jam even if the Xrefs are nested. During the transition from multiscreens to a single screen, I can easily position the Layer, Xref and BHatch windows.[/su_quote] [su_quote cite="Gregoire Aude from Belgium"](ZWCAD 2021 has a) Good performance, (ZWSOFT,) you have nothing to envy your main competitor. Impatient to test all the novelties. Good continuation.[/su_quote] [su_quote cite="Alex Deocares from Ireland"]

ZWCAD 2021 is faster than ever compared to other CAD software. You do not have to wait longer to see the result. Jumping from one command to another is so smooth and effective. Drawing is now easy and almost effortless through this new ZWCAD 2021 version.[/su_quote] [su_quote cite="Karol Szymański from Poland"]ZWCAD 2021 is awesome!! It is so fast and amazing that it just makes my jaw drop. Working with this program makes it even easier for me to keep up the work on Sunday after working hours. My wife is surprised why I sit so happily in front of the computer working so late at night. And it's all thanks to ZWCAD!!![/su_quote] [su_quote cite="Kim Won Hee from Korea"]

It (ZWCAD 2021) is a CAD program that is fast and intuitive to use and can be used with a small capacity. Above all, I am very satisfied with the compatibility of multiple files and the apps that are not available in existing CAD programs. In addition, I will test the trial version more and then decide whether to purchase it.[/su_quote] [su_quote cite="João Alves from Portugal"](ZWCAD 2021 is) without a doubt the best CAD program on the market. Even in terms of price/quality, it is unbeatable. It is intuitive, fast, Hatch-bug-free, and has a PDF to DWG Converter. The improvements of ZWCAD 2021 are well-known.[/su_quote]

Finally, we couldn’t stress enough how important your input is to our development of ZWCAD. By way of this event, we’ve connected with many existing users and new friends who had a good time exploring the faster and smoother ZWCAD 2021. To spread your words, we’ve created a hashtag, #Tuserday on social media. Feel free to create your #Tuserday posts to engage with us and follow our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

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