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ZWorld 2019 Locates in Guangzhou? Yes, Guangzhou Again!

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ZWorld 2019 Locates in Guangzhou? Yes, Guangzhou Again!

Events 2019-02-26 09:59:00

Canton Tower. Pearl River. Dim Sum.

Guangzhou is ready to give you a big hug.

Yes, Guangzhou, Again!


ZWorld 2019 is coming. If you’ve been to a ZWorld (formerly named GPC), you’ll know it’s the largest gathering of ZWSOFT partners and users. It’s about new possibilities that we have made and how we will make it in the CAx world. Besides, with your global peers in attendance, you are certain to make great connections.

In the last 10 years, this global gathering had been held in Guangzhou, the headquarter of ZWSOFT. This time, ZWorld 2019 will be held here again.

ZWorld 2017(GPC 2017)

How Much Do You Know about Guangzhou?

Have you heard of Guangzhou before? What’ s your impression of Guangzhou?

As the third-largest city, it is the capital of Guangdong Province and a thriving commercial center. It has served as a doorway for international exchange since the 3rd century CE and was the first Chinese port which had been regularly visited by European traders.

Here We are in China

Once called Canton, Guangzhou is considered as the home of traditional Cantonese food. No matter where you’re from, the Cantonese food would amaze you. Foodies will find more restaurants per capita here than anywhere else in China.

Surely, you’ve heard of dim sum, right? Beside, plenty of mouth-watering food may excite your taste buds, such as Sampan Congee (a kind of porridge with various ingredients in it, such as fish, squid, duck, jellyfish, eggs, peanuts, etc.), Egg Tart (a kind of dessert with pastry outside and eggs inside), Roasted Goose, Cold Chopped Chicken, etc.

Chinese Dim sum

Of course, Guangzhou serves cuisine from different countries which can meet your different needs. It is a paradise for food lovers.

Additionally, Guangzhou is formed by the collision of tradition & modern civilization, oriental & western culture. Various places of interest can impress you deeply. For example, Canton Tower, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Saikwan Traditional Area, Arcades, and so on.

Modern and Traditional Guangzhou

So, Why Guangzhou Again?

As is stated by ZWSOFT’s VP Kingdom Lin in “From GPC to ZWorld: Thinking Behind the Name”, the original intention for GPC was to let our global partners get closer to ZWSOFT, and have face-to-face discussions about important issues more efficiently. Alike, for ZWorld, we also want to let not only our global partners, but also other players and users in the CAx field to know more about us and communicate more with us.

ZWorld 2017(GPC 2017)

The difference is that as ZWorld becomes totally open, it is possible that it will be held in different places around the world in the future, to let more people there get in touch with us. So stay tuned with us, your city may be the next one.

See you at ZWorld 2019 during March 28-29 in Conrad Hotel, Guangzhou, to learn about the exciting improvements and new capabilities in ZWCAD, ZW3D, CADbro, and CAD Pockets, that help you design, present, and communicate your ideas faster and easier. In addition, we are sure that you can’t help indulging yourself in the charm of Guangzhou, where fashion meets tradition.

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