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ZWorld 2019: Move to All-in-one CAx

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ZWorld 2019: Move to All-in-one CAx

Events 2019-04-12 10:50:00
One week before, ZWorld 2019 was held successfully in Guangzhou. As you may already know, the theme for ZWorld this year is Move to All-in-one CAx, which is also the future vision of ZWSOFT. Truman, CEO of ZWSOFT, has elaborated on this topic in the conference. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, I’m gonna bring you back to the scene, to unroll this blueprint. [caption id="attachment_1222" align="aligncenter" width="800"] CEO Truman DU[/caption] How to define all-in-one CAx in the first place? It’s always essential to set a clear definition for the target you are going to achieve before starting. As many of you might have the knowledge that “CAx” means CAD, CAM and CAE, moving to CAx means ZWSOFT will have its own solution for each field. But more importantly, “all-in-one” means we will integrate them together as one to work smoothly with each other by sharing the same kernel, such as geometry, database, display engine and solver, and enabling their data to flow seamlessly. It’s the key point of the thinking. [caption id="attachment_1221" align="aligncenter" width="800"] What is All-in-one Cax[/caption] Why choose all-in-one CAx to be the future? First and foremost, it’s the expectation of our users, which is also the driving force for us to make such a decision. In fact, most of the 2D CAD users will move to 3D design, and most of the 3D CAD customers will need CAE tools. So people opt to finish their tasks in one single software environment. It’s a natural choice. Truman stated that if we have all categories of CAx products, we are able to provide different solutions covering 2D CAD, 3D CAD/CAM, CAE, BIM, etc. to our users, and the data exchange between them will be efficient, seamless and lossless. On the other hand, business opportunities originate from users’ needs. All-in-one CAx certainly creates more chances for both ZWSOFT and its partners to grow, bringing more resources to be invested back to product research and development, and thus benefiting users in return, realizing all-win. [caption id="attachment_1220" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Why we choose All-in-one Cax[/caption] What will ZWSOFT do for it? In the modern technology world, one cannot do anything only by himself. Therefore, Truman especially stressed the importance of strong platforms for 2D CAD, 3D CAD, CAM and CAE, as well as the API ability, with which we can cooperate with the vertical application developers as much as possible. They play the critical role to help users in different fields increase their productivity by relentlessly providing various add-ons based on the strong ZWSOFT platforms, which rely on a better and unified technical architecture, and that is what we are focusing on. For ZWSOFT, enhancing the reusability and extensibility of the platforms enables us to serve more industries, and can also bring significant improvements to R&D efficiency and effectiveness. What’s the relationship between different product lines in the CAx matrix? For the relationship between different product lines, Truman made a vivid comparison – if business is rice, ZWCAD business is the rice in the bowl, which is mature and used by a large base of users; ZW3D business is the rice in the pot, which is growing at a high speed, and becoming a backbone in the next few years; the CAE business is the rice in the field, which is being fertilized and cultivated, but will be the engine for fast and further development in the long-term future. The success of the former businesses provides the foundation to the next ones, and in return, latter businesses will bring more opportunities to the whole company, guaranteeing a sustainable growth for everyone involved. [caption id="attachment_1218" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Moving to All-in-one Cax[/caption] These product lines are mutually supportive. The support here means the connections of data and connections of customers. However, Truman pointed out that all categories of CAx do not mean the decentralization of resources and lack of investment in each direction. He expressed the determination to keep increasing investment in R&D, and make it more concentrated and efficient. What’s the latest progress? In ZWorld 2019, ZWSOFT’s first CAE solution ZWSim-EM for Electromagnetic analysis has faced the world. And according to Truman’s announcement, the CAE solutions of stress and thermal are also on their ways. What’s more, as was already stated at the beginning, except for all-categories, there will also be integration – plans for integrating ZWCAD and ZW3D; CAD, CAM and CAE; CAD Pockets and CADbro have also been put on the table, which can benefit the users a lot. Truman’s sharing in ZWorld 2019 has made clear where is ZWSOFT going – all-in-one CAx. It is cheerful that this strategy can benefit our users, our partners and various industries, to build an all-win eco-system. As Truman put it simply, “Life will be good.”

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