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ZWorld Saudi Arabia 2022: Connect More

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ZWorld Saudi Arabia 2022: Connect More

Events 2022-09-14 10:40:00

ZWorld 2022 has kicked off with the successful hosting of the Partner’s Event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Sept 7. At this event, the ZWSOFT team and resellers from across Saudi Arabia came together to explore the latest advancements of its CAx solutions and business opportunities.

ZWSOFT Team at ZWorld Saudi Arabia 2022

Figure 1. ZWSOFT team at ZWorld Saudi Arabia 2022

ZWorld is an annual event hosted by ZWSOFT, serving as a bridge between ZWSOFT and its resellers, key clients, and third-party application developers. At this event, all attendees can explore advancements of ZWSOFT products, gain in-depth industry insights and have in-person communication.

ZWorld 2022 is held around the globe and moved from online to offline so all participants can have face-to-face communication. The first event of this tour was the Partner’s Event in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

At this day event, resellers, and staff members from ZWSOFT headquarters and the Middle East branches in the UAE and Saudi Arabia gathered in the Hotel of Novotel Riyadh Al Anoud, located in the dynamic Olaya financial district. During the event, ZWOST presented to its resellers the marketing insights in the Middle East and the latest advancements of its all-in-one CAx(CAD/CAM/CAE) solutions.

ZWSOFT team discussed with resellers

Figure 2. ZWSOFT team in discussion with a reseller team

“To deliver our products and services to users worldwide, ZWSOFT has established a global network connecting over 260 partners from over 90 countries and regions. To have better cooperation with our local partners, we will hold a series of events every year to demonstrate our product strength, learn about the local market and come up with a business strategy together with our partners,” said Owen Ou, Global Sales Director. 

“Currently we have many resellers in the Middle East market and the number is increasing, and we had established two branches to help expand the market. We feel very optimistic about the economy in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia. In the future, there will be more construction projects and the need for CAD software will increase accordingly,” said Johnson He, Regional Manager of Middle East.

Radwan Al Jarrah, Country Manager of Saudi Arabia, said, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently going through with its futuristic plans driven by 2030 Vision. The Partner’s Event was the booster for our operations in the Kingdom and also to showcase a variety of ZWSOFT solutions and future products that will disrupt the market and accelerate serving the AEC and MFG sectors in the Kingdom by providing reliable and affordable CAx innovative products. 

One of the resellers commented, “We are very confident with ZWSOFT products. ZWCAD has won us a lot of customers with its powerful functions and compelling price. More importantly, we can always get great support from ZWSOFT, whether it is technical or marketing support.”

ZWSOFT team and its resellers

Figure 3. ZWSOFT team and its resellers

The next stop of ZWorld 2022 is Rome, Italy. Stay tuned to explore more!

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