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Announcement of ZWCAD Excellent Partners in 2017

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Announcement of ZWCAD Excellent Partners in 2017

Events 2018-04-09 13:55:02
GUANGZHOU, China: April 4, 2018 – ZWCAD announced our excellent partners in 2017 and granted them with Partner Awards today. Congratulations!   In the past year, ZWCAD overseas business has made great achievements with expanding markets and increasing number of users, which could not be realized without our dedicated partners. Therefore, we would like to show our sincere gratitude to them for their hard work and significant contributions.   ZWCAD PARTNER AWARD 2017   There are altogether 6 awards conferred on 13 ZWCAD partners. Let’s take a look at who are they.     ZWCAD Partner of the Year 2017 It honors the best partners in 2017 with top global sales rank, effective marketing implementation and strong technical capability. The winners are:   ZWCAD Korea Co., Ltd. -- ZWCADs partner in Korea As the top seller in 2017, it strongly boosted its business growth and increased ZWCAD’s recognition and reputation in the market. It’s also worth noting that it played a key role in the EXCAD program, a customized mobile CAD solution with a broad influence in Korea.   Usługi Informatyczne SZANSA Spółka z o.o. -- ZWCADs partner in Poland It scored high in 2017 ZWCAD global sales rank with a new office established and the team expanded. As for marketing, increasing brand awareness was realized by SEO and brand exposure in the industry websites. It also offered sustaining and professional technical support to the clients, winning their recognition and good word-of-mouth.   TotalCAD Comercio e Servicos em Informatica Ltda -- ZWCADs partner in Brazil Ranking in the top in sales, it realized notable business increase last year. Owe to its persistent investment in marketing, ZWCAD enjoyed a high popularity in Brazil. Its active and useful technical feedback also made it deserve this award.   HOPE Technologies Private Limited -- ZWCADs partner in India Through communicating with customers actively, holding a series of seminars in different cities, promoting the cooperation with application developers and expanding the team, it managed to increase the sales to its record high and become one of the top-ranking partners.     ZWCAD Best Improvement 2017 This award is intended for the partners whose performance growth is prominent, such as the significant increase in sales or brand awareness. The winners are:   MP Scia Ingenieria S.L. -- ZWCADs partner in Spain With an increase of over 70%, it has made a huge progress in sales performance. A giant step was also taken forward in marketing by joining several exhibitions and seminars, which helped a lot in improving popularity and promoting sales.   Wetech System -- ZWCADs partner in Italy It made a great contribution to the whole Italian market with a sales increase of 75%, making Italy one of the top global markets in 2017. Online and offline exposure was also expanded by the efforts in Google Ads and SNS, and taking part in exhibitions.   Ibercad, lda -- ZWCADs partner in Portugal Apart from the noticeable business increase, it succeeded in enlarging the search volume of ZWCAD in Portuguese market through unflagging devotion to SNS marketing.     ZWCAD Best Contribution 2017 It awards the partners who made significant contributions to ZWCAD in the perspectives of technology and marketing. They may be devoted to assisting ZWCAD with its product testing and quality improvement, holding effective local marketing activities, sharing marketing experience, etc. The winners are:   ZW France -- ZWCADs partner in France It responded actively and immediately to the Beta of every version with professional suggestions about the improvement of every function, contributing a lot to the overall enhancement of ZWCAD products.   SoftApply International Corp. -- ZWCADs partner in Taiwan It showed constant enthusiasm towards ZWCAD product testing and high-quality feedback. It also raised creative marketing ideas frequently and applied them to practice, strengthening brand awareness effectively.     ZWCAD Promising Partner 2017 It aims at praising the new partners with excellent sales performance in the first two years, superior technical capability, and abundant marketing resources, demonstrating strong potential in the future development. The winner is:   Edilclima S.r.l. -- ZWCADs partner in Italy It established cooperation with ZWCAD in 2017 and handed in a satisfactory transcript in the first half year. Moreover, it was capable of providing first-class pre-sale and after-sale services thanks to its outstanding product know-how, and possessed rich online and offline marketing resources.     ZWCAD Deal of the Year 2017 The biggest deal per client is commended by this award. The winner is:   Usługi Informatyczne SZANSA Spółka z o.o. -- ZWCADs partner in Poland The volume of its biggest deal reached 80 sets, which is the highest per deal in 2017.     ZWSOFT 10-Year Partnership This award is to thank the partners who have cooperated with ZWCAD for more than 10 years. The winners are:   Eti Bilgisayar Ltd. -- ZWCADs partner in Turkey   BiroCom2000 -- ZWCADs partner in Slovenia     The above are all the winners in 2017, let’s applaud for them! ZWCAD has always been glad to make concerted efforts and share success with our partners. We believe that all win is the true win, and thank the above partners as well as others not mentioned here for their persistent diligence and unswerving faith.

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