Modeling Point Clouds in ZWCAD Easily with PointCab 4ZWCAD Plugin

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Modeling Point Clouds in ZWCAD Easily with PointCab 4ZWCAD Plugin

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Modeling Point Clouds in ZWCAD Easily with PointCab 4ZWCAD Plugin

Partners 2022-08-18 10:48:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: August 5, 2022 Germany developer PointCab releases its brand-new 4ZWCAD Plugin that provides one of the easiest and fastest workflows for modeling point clouds by transferring point cloud data from PointCab Origins to ZWCAD.


What PointCab 4ZWCAD Plugin Can Do?


When handling a large amount of point cloud data, even the most advanced CAD system can run slowly. PointCab Origins provides one of the fastest solutions for processing large point clouds and can read all data whether from drones, terrestrial or SLAM laser scanners.


Amanda Qin, Product Manager of ZWCAD, said, The PointCab 4ZWCAD plugin realizes a direct connection between PointCab Origins and ZWCAD. This plugin directly translates point cloud data into ZWCAD objects to generate 2D drawings with full accuracy. It extends the capabilities of ZWCAD and brings convenience to professionals from a wide range of industries, especially heritage preservation, surveying, architecture, and civil engineering.”


Highlights of PointCab 4ZWCAD Plugin:

●  Direct connection between PointCab Origins and ZWCAD direct transfer of point cloud information

●  Create CAD elements line, polylines, multilines

●  Create CAD elements blocks

●  Transform from UCS to WCS

●  Manipulate coordinates transfer


Transfer lines and polylines

Figure 1. Transfer lines and polylines


Transfer Blocks

Figure 2. Transfer blocks


How It Was Developed?


Iulia Prica, Product Manager at PointCab, said, “ZWCAD is a big player when it comes to CAD software. We have customers working with ZWCAD that were looking for an easier workflow that combines these two pieces of software. Since we as a company strive to make working with point cloud data easy for all, it was only natural for us to develop a point cloud plugin for ZWCAD.”


ZWSOFT, developer of ZWCAD, is dedicated to building a sustainable and all-win ecosystem for the industry in partnership with global developers, to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and disciplines. ZWCAD features rich APIs including LISP, VBA, ZRX, and .NET, making it smooth to port and develop industry-specific industries. Plus, a high level of collaboration between the ZWSOFT team and developers makes the whole process smoother and faster.


Iulia Prica added, “We have previous experience with developing plugins for different CAD platforms, the developing process went rather smooth, especially because the ZWCAD team was really supportive of our work. We were always referred to the right contact person and requests were answered in a timely manner.“


Iulia Prica summed up, “We are very happy with the support of the ZWCAD team. We have found a reliable partner and are optimistic about the future.”


PointCab 4ZWCAD Plugin is compatible with ZWCAD 2022 or higher. Download PointCab 4ZWCAD Plugin and ZWCAD now to explore how they can improve your workflow significantly. More information about this new plugin can be found on the PointCab website.


Watch the tutorials to master this powerful tool quickly: 



ZWSOFT CO., LTD. (Guangzhou) is a reliable and innovative engineering software provider with its flagship products ZWCAD and ZW3D. Committed to providing complete and seamless user experience to worldwide users with its all-in-one CAx solutions, ZWSOFT has continuously satisfied diverse needs of various industries such as AEC and MFG. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, its products and service have been proven by over 900,000 clients across 90 countries.


About PointCab

PointCab GmbH is a German company founded in 2013 by surveyors and geospatial experts that specializes in point cloud processing. As a hardware-independent software, it supports more than 20 point cloud formats and is the complete solution for the evaluation of point cloud data, compatible with all laser scanning systems an even drones. Of course, the results are compatible with all common CAD applications.

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