eCUBUS Integrator for ZWCAD: Facilitates Seamless CAD and ERP Interaction

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eCUBUS Integrator for ZWCAD: Facilitates Seamless CAD and ERP Interaction

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eCUBUS Integrator for ZWCAD: Facilitates Seamless CAD and ERP Interaction

Partners 2021-04-30 14:53:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: April 30, 2021ZWSOFT today announced the availability of the “eCUBUS Integrator + ZWCAD platform” solution, which will help enterprises manage data and resources more reasonably and easily.

eCUBUS Integrator is an application developed by Cubus Soluções, a Brazil-based software supplier, to integrate CAD software with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. For the past 5 years, it has been tested by the market and optimized by a team of experienced engineers to better serve companies in various industry segments that work with CAD programs.

According to Mr. Márcio Buss, a mechanical engineer at Cubus Soluções, it was their customers who called their attention to ZWCAD. “We found that ZWCAD is a worldwide CAD program that is very easy to use and flexible. Therefore, we decided to fulfill many Cubus customers’ requests for the integration of our solution with ZWCAD.”

Figure 1. eCUBUS Integrator for ZWCAD is now available

Two-Way and Real-Time Connection for Efficient Management

In the time of Engineering 4.0, the manufacturing industry is characterized by automation and digitalization. It also gives prominence to information communication that will make the production process transparent, slash overall costs, and speed up the commercialization of products.

Via the robust APIs of ZWCAD, the Cubus Soluções team was able to port eCUBUS Integrator to ZWCAD effortlessly. Mr. Buss recalled, “We commenced developing the communication and data management interface of the eCUBUS Integrator for ZWCAD with the technical support of the ZWSOFT development team. We have always obtained quick and accurate answers, streamlining our process of developing specific routines for ZWCAD.”

Now, in a familiar CAD environment, engineers and designers can easily access eCUBUS functions to generate accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs) quicker. What’s more, drawing legends and parts lists can be automatically filled out, while products, product structures, and manufacturing procedures are being recorded into the ERP system.

Figure 2. eCUBUS buttons and menus have been added to the intuitive ZWCAD interface

Such a bidirectional and dynamic connection between ZWCAD and ERP databases allows manufacturers to accelerate their whole “R&Ddesignproduction” processes, standardize projects, and better collaborate with supply chain partners. Currently, with this combo, you can connect ZWCAD with popular ERP systems such as SAP ERP, FUJITSU GLOVIA, Senior ERP and TOTVS ERP. “We are constantly improving eCUBUS Integrator, developing new features, and offering more agility and rules to ensure that all information is properly analyzed and certified. Besides, we customize eCUBUS Integrator to meet the needs and design standards of our customers. New interfaces for ERP systems such as Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics are also being created to expand our range of operations,” Mr. Buss concluded.

If you are seeking a powerful and practical yet budget-friendly solution for synchronized information between CAD and ERP, don’t hesitate to get a free trial of eCUBUS Integrator on ZWCAD in both Portuguese and English.



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