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Introducing All-New CSiXCAD: Take Your Models Straight to CAD

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Introducing All-New CSiXCAD: Take Your Models Straight to CAD

Partners 2022-12-22 09:51:00

CSI, a globally renowned structural engineering software developer, has released CSiXCAD v19.3.0, the latest version of its drawing generation plugin for multiple CAD platforms including ZWCAD. In this version, ZWCAD 2023 is supported.

 Release of CSiXCAD

Figure 1. Release of CSiXCAD


CSI: a Leading Provider of Structural and Earthquake Engineering Software

Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is a structural and earthquake engineering software company founded in 1975 and based in California, the United States. Software from CSI is used by thousands of engineering firms in over 160 countries for the design of major projects, including the Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the world's tallest building.

CSI produces software packages tailored to different types of structures and needs. Among its five primary products are ETABS® and SAP2000®. ETABS is specially designed for multi-story commercial and residential building structures, such as office towers, apartments and hospitals, while SAP2000 is intended for use on civil structures such as dams, communication towers, stadiums, industrial plants and buildings.


CSiXCAD: Take Your Models Straight to CAD

CSiXCAD is a plugin for ZWCAD that streamlines drawing production by directly interacting with ETABS and SAP2000. It provides a live link between structural models defined and maintained in ETABS or SAP2000 and the drawings documenting them in ZWCAD.

Kyle HE, Product Manager of ZWCAD, said, “CSiXCAD can streamline the drawing generation process and efficiently update and share a full 3D BIM model in CAD. With this plugin, structural engineers can reduce laborious, repeated work and improve efficiency.”

CSiXCAD can keep track of design revisions and eliminate the need for manual data transfers and markups. The initial set of drawings automatically generated by CSiXCAD can be customized and refined using CAD and changes to structural members in the BIM models are reflected in the drawings.

Import a model to ZWCAD

Figure 2. Import a model to ZWCAD


Features of CSiXCAD:

●  It maintains a BIM model in ZWCAD and can generate: floor plans, elevations, 3D models

●  Generate beam and column schedules

●  Generate beam reinforcement elevations

●  Generate wall reinforcement plans and elevations

●  Generate slab reinforcement plans


CSiXCAD v19.3.0 is compatible with ZWCAD 2021 or higher. There are many advancements from its previous version and you can find out more on the CSI website. Want to try it now? Download CSiXCAD with a 30-day free trial to see how it can streamline your workflow and boost your productivity!



ZWSOFT CO., LTD. (Guangzhou) is a reliable and innovative engineering software provider with its flagship products ZWCAD and ZW3D. Committed to providing complete and seamless user experience to worldwide users with its all-in-one CAx solutions, ZWSOFT has continuously satisfied diverse needs of various industries such as AEC and MFG. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, its products and service have been proven by over 900,000 clients across 90 countries.


About CSI

Founded in 1975, Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is recognized globally as the pioneering leader in software tools for structural and earthquake engineering. Software from CSI is used by thousands of engineering firms in over 160 countries for the design of major projects, including the Burj Khalifa, the Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan, One World Trade Center in New York, the 2008 Olympics Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing and the cable-stayed Centenario Bridge over the Panama Canal. CSI's software is backed by more than four decades of research and development, making it the trusted choice of sophisticated design professionals everywhere.


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