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ZWSOFT Announces Release of ZWCAD 2009i

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ZWSOFT Announces Release of ZWCAD 2009i

Products 2009-07-30 18:20:00

Guangzhou, China: Thursday, July 30, 2009 -- ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd., the leading supplier of CAD platforms, today announced the availability of ZWCAD 2009i software.

The latest release of ZWCAD introduces new capabilities to help users tackle their most challenging design problems, including automatic paper space, plot stamps, improved CTB support, and the top requests from international ZWCAD users.

What's New in ZWCAD 2009i?
The operating stability has been highly improved based on feedback from customers and by using an automatic testing system where more than 20,000 drawings are employed to ensure program stability.

Productivity while editing complex drawings has been greatly improved with faster stretching and deleting of complex entities. This speed enhancement enables designers to work more efficiently.
The highlight of ZWCAD 2009i is plotting, as requested by customers. New plotting features include support for paper space, plot stamps, and settings in CTB files. Objects to be printed can be placed in paper space. With the help of plot stamps, drafters can add useful information along the edges of the plotted media, such as drawing names, dates and times, and plot scales. CTB files allow you to specify line end styles, line join styles, and fill styles.
"By providing customers with the powerful 2D design tools, ZWSOFT enables them to stretch the limits of their creativity. This was our priority for the 2009i release of ZWCAD," said Joh Li, director of ZWSOFT R&D Department.

"We added the features most highly requested by our customers to the ZWCAD software, such as enhanced capabilities of custom line end styles, line join styles, and fill styles -- as well as the new 2D function-paper space. Taken together, the new version of ZWCAD provides the power and flexibility our customers have been demanding to take their documentation and design further."

ZWCAD 2009i Online Survey
The aim of this survey is to identify the level of utilization of ZWCAD 2009i, improve the functionality of ZWCAD and meet the requirements of international ZWCAD users. During this survey, ZWSOFT will draw out a number of lucky attendees, and award each of them with a free license of ZWCAD. Lucky attendees will be notified on September 15, 2009.

Click to do the survey: suggestions or comments about ZWCAD 2009i will be highly appreciated! 

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