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ZWSOFT Upgrades ZWCAD 2009

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ZWSOFT Upgrades ZWCAD 2009

Products 2009-03-02 18:12:00

Guangzhou, China: March 2, 2009 - ZWSOFT today announces ZWCAD 2009 English Version (Vernum: 2009.02.27(9377)). In this updated version, ZWCAD engineers have fixed some unexpected crashes under certain complex situations. In addition, the Plot function of ZWCAD 2009 and the working efficiency of APIs have been greatly improved. A detailed update list is as follows:


1. ZWCAD ends automatically after inserting a TIF image (OS: Windows 2003)

2. ZWCAD ends automatically when creating spline curves with SDS_Buildlist function if the number of fitting points exceeds 2.

3. The SDS_Command function cannot execute the OFFSET command.

4. REVCLOUD command cannot save parameters entered in the last operation.

5. Plot results do not contain some OLE objects.

6. IMAGECLIP command fails to clip images.

7. There are no contents in the slides made in Model space with multiple viewports. Slides made in Paper space do not include objects in multiple viewports.

8. Some entity displays differently in ZWCAD and MS Excel.

9. The resolution of graphics pasted from ZWCAD is low in MS Office applications.

10. The layout of the Linetype Manager dialog box changes after clicking Hide Details button twice.

11. There are redundant symbols in the command line prompt for the BSCALE command.

12. Dimensions created under a UCS are wrongly displayed in some complex situations.

13. AutoPinTu.dll cannot be found when ZWCAD starts.

14. DXFIN command fails to work after continuously executing some command.

15. Plot results of some OLE objects get wrong with shape changed.

16. The option of “Use paper space unit for scaling” in the Linetype Manager dialog box does not work.

17. Polyline in some drawings loses its lineweight when plotted within a large area.

18. DWGPREFIX command displays a wrong path of the open drawing after the drawing is sent by mail.


To download this updated version, please visit: 

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