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ZWSOFT Announces the Release of ZW3D 2010

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ZWSOFT Announces the Release of ZW3D 2010

Products 2010-09-25 18:53:00

Guangzhou, China, September 25, 2010 - ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd, a leading provider of CAD/CAM software, announced today at its annual ZWSOFT Partner Conference, the release of ZW3D 2010, a complete 3D CAD/CAM suite that provides ease-of-use, performance, and super-fast modeling functionality.

Explore the unlimited design possibilities of ZW3D 2010! With advanced modules for 3D part and assembly modeling, 2D production drawing, Mold & Die design, Reverse Engineering, Sheet Metal, motion simulation, and optimized 2 through 5-axis high-speed machining, this easy-on-the-budget solution does it all! ZW3D enables designers to work seamlessly with solids, surfaces, and manufacturing data in a completely integrated environment. Since the ZW3D Overdrive™ kernel is truly hybrid, healing or repairing models is not necessary, so designers can speed production by effortlessly mixing solids and surfaces. With ZW3D freeform Class-A surface modeling you can almost feel the smooth surface.

Reverse Engineering and Mold & Die Design are built into ZW3D so designers can generate and modify complex 3D models and molds on-the-fly from existing physical parts. With this much power, there’s no need to purchase expensive 3rd party add-ons. What’s more, ZW3D radically simplifies Rapid Prototyping with its powerful manipulation, optimization and validation of surfaces, solids, STL, and scan data. Fully-integrated CAM means all models, even STL and Point Clouds are fully associative with manufacturing, which is just one-click away. You will dramatically cut manufacturing costs and increase shop capacity.

Another exciting feature of ZW3D 2010 is the built-in learning system, Show-n-Tell™. These integrated tutorials are like 3D books and virtually eliminate the cost of learning a new system. Show-n-Tell includes a complete set of authoring tools so that users can create their own tutorials, useful for capturing company know-how and process information.

Experience ZW3D 2010, where the only limit is your imagination. Please go to to download a free 30-day trial today.

About ZWSOFT Partner Conference 2010

As ZWSOFT's largest annual conference for international partners, GPC 2010 has been officially kicked off on September 25, 2010, in the beautiful city of Guangzhou, China. This year, over 100 ZWSOFT partners from forty countries and regions around the world have come together for a stimulating, content-filled conference. The event comprises of two tracks: Official Meetings and Free Talk Sessions. Each track aims to keep ZWSOFT partners informed about the latest trends in sales, marketing, and technical management solutions. Highlights of the conference include the ZW3D 2010 Release Ceremony and Awards Ceremony for ZWSOFT`s Excellent Distributors of 2009-2010.



ZWSOFT, headquartered in Guangzhou, has three branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan, and also a wholly owned subsidiary research and development center in Melbourne, Florida. As a leading supplier of CAD/CAM software solution, the company employs over 400 people, and is supported by an international network of highly skilled strategic partners, distributors, and resellers.

ZWCAD is ZWSOFT's flagship product. It meets the needs of a broad base of target groups in 2D/3D design industries, and has 180,000 users throughout the world. ZWCAD is the leading brand in China's CAD industry, and it competes successfully in over 80 other countries.

ZW3D, The All-in-one CAD/CAM, was included into ZWSOFT`s product portfolio in 2010. As the successor of VX CAD/CAM, ZW3D provides ease-of-use, performance, and all-in-one capability. The brand new software can extend enterprise-level mechanical design and engineering capabilities to the desktop at a fraction of the cost of other comparable systems.  

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