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Oleas Stalin Finds ZWCAD His Best Choice

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Oleas Stalin Finds ZWCAD His Best Choice

Products 2010-06-07 18:47:00

Having been working in the software design and architecture industry for over 10 years, Stalin Oleas decided to seek alternatives, and found ZWCAD his best choice. That’s how the story between Stalin Oleas and ZWCAD began.


Mr. Oleas, Manager of Open Systems and Information Technology (, when interviewed by El Comercio, a reputed media corporation in Ecuador, defined ZWCAD as a helpful tool for professionals in the areas of design and techniques. He chose ZWCAD over other CAD software solutions, and has been a ZWCAD supporter since then. Oleas is very impressed by ZWCAD’s cost-effectiveness with full functionality and high productivity.


"ZWCAD has all the functions that I need from CAD software, and is almost exactly equal to other overpriced CAD software solutions. A ZWCAD license, including maintenance fee for one year, saves me nearly 80% compared to other programs of the same performance.” Said Oleas.


Oleas is an experienced software consulting profesional, and Manager of "Open System of Information and technology". After several years of doing business in the CAD industry, his company partnered with ZWSoft Co., Ltd, and became a ZWCAD authorized reseller in Ecuador.


Already being the largest CAD provider in China, ZWCAD has been developing its overseas business since 2004, and is now popular with 180,000 users around the world. The latest ZWCAD 2010 provides you with new features that you are not going to miss.


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