ZWCAD 2018 SP2: The Most Powerful Release Ever

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ZWCAD 2018 SP2: The Most Powerful Release Ever

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ZWCAD 2018 SP2: The Most Powerful Release Ever

Products 2018-04-03 08:57:00

GUANGZHOU, China: April 3, 2018 – ZWCAD 2018 SP2, which is considered to be the most powerful release ever with plenty of important new functions being available, was launched officially today. Let’s reveal the new functions together to see why it is called the strongest release.


DWG/DXF 2018 -- Realized with High Compatibility

Through testing more than 100,000 drawings for 3,600 hours, DWG/DXF 2018 is fully supported now. You can create, open and save any drawing in this format, realizing seamless compatibility with different versions of .dwg files. In other words, sharing and co-working become much easier, and the design team or the whole workflow can cooperate more closely and efficiently.


 Save the drawing as .dwg 2018 format 

Figure 1. Save the drawing as .dwg 2018 format


Dynamic Input -- More Immediate, More Straightforward

It provides command tooltips which display dynamically updated information near the cursor in the drawing area. You can specify options and values in the tooltip box by Pointer Input, Dimension Input and Dynamic Prompts. Without moving your mouse and eyes to select options or input values, it definitely saves your precious time, and you are able to see the updated values of objects instantly while drawing.


Dynamic Input with editable real-time dimensions and drop-down menu

Figure 2. Dynamic Input with editable real-time dimensions and a drop-down menu


Hatch with Boundary Grips -- Adjust Hatched Objects Anytime

In the past, sometimes you need to remove the boundary grips of a hatched object for specific needs, which makes it impossible to adjust its shape later. But now, since the boundary grips become its built-in part, you can change its shape whenever you want.


Stretch the boundary grips of a hatched pattern anytime to change its shape

Figure 3. Stretch the boundary grips of a hatched pattern anytime to change its shape


Point Filters -- Specify Point Easily

Point Filters help specify a new coordinate location by combining the X value of one location, the Y value of a second location, and, for 3D coordinates, the Z value of a third location, simplifying your drawing since no more extra supporting lines or graphics are needed.


Use Point Filters to locate a specific point

Figure 4. Use Point Filters to locate a specific point


Three Plotters Available -- One Giant Step to Perfect Output

In this SP2, three plotters in great need are available --

SHPGL/LHPGL Plotters: You can correctly plot PLT files, which are commonly used in the manufacturing industry for machining;


 Plot PLT files with SHPGLLHPGL Plotters 

Figure 5. Plot PLT files with SHPGL/LHPGL Plotters


ZWCAD Virtual Eps Plotter: You can plot drawings to EPS files, which can be opened in Photoshop® or other software to create an architectural rendering floor plan;


 Plot 2D floor plan in ZWCAD to EPS file and render it in Photoshop® 

Figure 6. Plot 2D floor plan in ZWCAD to EPS file and render it in Photoshop®


SVG plotter: You can plot your drawings to SVG file format to create interactive vector graphics, which, unlike raster images revealing the pixels, preserve the original shapes and thus are necessary for web design or other specific workflows that require SVG files.


 Plot the drawing to SVG format

Figure 7. Plot the drawing to SVG format


Of course, the stability and efficiency have also been significantly increased, together with the important new features mentioned above, the most powerful release is worthy of the name.


Know more about the new functions of ZWCAD 2018 SP2 and try it out!


Last but not least, there are more surprises in this SP2, click here to know more.




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