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Top 14 Must-know CAD/CAM Highlights of ZW3D 2019 Beta

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Top 14 Must-know CAD/CAM Highlights of ZW3D 2019 Beta

Products 2018-10-30 08:05:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA—October 30, 2018 -- ZW3D today announced the launch of ZW3D 2019 Beta, which delivers enhancements and new functions that solve complex design challenges and facilitate detail works in engineering, helping users get products into production more easily and faster.


ZW3D 2019 Beta 1.jpg

Figure 1. ZW3D 2019 Beta


Here are 14 highlights of ZW3D 2019 Beta that you may not get yet. Don’t miss the exciting improvements. 


1. Better User-experience in Complex Solid Modeling

ZW3D 2019 optimizes algorithm so that it drives higher process speed on display, calculation and response, especially in complex solid modeling. As the significant improvements in calculation, such friendlier user-experience will be more friendly than ever.


2. More Stable and Faster History Regeneration to Quicken Design

Enjoy increased design efficiency through faster and more stable history regeneration. The updated explicit feature and new quick rollback function can quicken design with ease.



3. More Productive When Working with Flexible Sub-assembly

Now, in ZW3D 2019, the mechanical structure of an assembly can be dissociated, making it possible for users to move individual components for verifying the motion of the whole assembly. It’s easier to verify the motion of the whole assembly to reduce errors, further reduce time-to-market via flexible sub-assembly updates. 



4. New User-Defined Feature to Improve User Experience

ZW3D 2019 introduces the user-defined feature that manages groups of feature, associated dimensions, and feature relation. It is good to reduce repetitive operations and simplifies the design history.



 5. New Patterning /Mirroring Components with Constraints

Now, the patterned or mirrored components with constraints is available to smooth assembly management. Users can keep the same performance in large and complex assembly.


ZW3D 2019 Beta 6.jpg

Figure 2. ZW3D 2019 Beta


6. Accelerated Product Design with Updated 3D BOM

Users can get a 3D BOM table based on a 3D model with multi-shapes or an assembly directly. In this table, the attributes of any shape or component can be edited, including standard attributes and customized attributes. It greatly accelerates product design with more efficient attributes management.



7. More Powerful 2D Drawing Functions Get Efficiency Boost                                                           The updated 2D draft features like Auto Dimension, Stack Ballons, not only get efficiency boost, but also bring commonly used requirements to your fingertips.



8. New Mold Parting Wizard to Optimize Workflow

Optimized workflow and extended functions covering wider operations, make mold parting easier. Additionally, the new mechanism provides clearer processing management and more stable regeneration.




 9. Upgraded MoldBase and Standard Parts Library with Greater Flexibility

ZW3D 2019 can customize all parameters for customization, set plate attributes to make full use of external mold plates. Plus, the simplified workflow of inserting Standard Parts offers even greater flexibility when designing parts.



10. Optimized Electrode Tools to Meet Different Needs

ZW3D 2019 arms the improved Electrode Blank function that provides assembly and shape modes for creating the electrode. 

Reformed Electrode Drawing supports the customization of the view center, annotation style and drawing template, meeting various needs from diversified customers.



11. New Design Possibilities through Nesting Solution

Powernest is a reliable and fully automatic nesting solution while giving new design possibilities, which is integrated into ZW3D CAD. It helps to better utilize material, save time and improve the performance. As a fully automatic nesting solution, more calculation time enables better results.

Besides, users can check the quality of each profile through the Nesting report clearly, and hereby get the optimal utilization.



12. Integrated VoluMill for ZW3D to increase Productivity

VoluMill for ZW3D is an add-in to ZW3D CAM which is a proven toolpath strategy to machining faster and deeper in 2-3 axis roughing. As such, roughing milling performance is significantly increased to reduce cycle time up to 70% and extend cutting tool life to 800%.



13. New Cleanup Corner Control for 2X Operation to Save Tool Cost

In ZW3D 2019, Cleanup Corner Control was added in 2X machining, which helps user to make smooth toolpath in the sharp corner easily. The smooth toolpath will reduce tool-shock to save tool cost and get better surface quality.



14. More Reliable Big Step in 3X Roughing

ZW3D CAM 2019 introduces some new capabilities that dramatically reduce cycle time, like the more reliable big step algorithm.




“This latest ZW3D 2019 release has packed numerous improvements based on insights and feedback from global customers. We continue to drive ZW3D forward in terms of usability, quality, productivity and budget-friendly. I bet the users can feel the differences in daily use,” said Mason Liu, Vice President of ZWSOFT.

ZW3D 2019 makes your job easier with productivity enhancements for the fast-changing world of product design and manufacturing.

For more information about ZW3D CAD/CAM, please click here or visit ZWSOFT Facebook


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