3D Printing Inspires New Working Style in CAD/CAM Software Industry

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3D Printing Inspires New Working Style in CAD/CAM Software Industry

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3D Printing Inspires New Working Style in CAD/CAM Software Industry

Products 2013-04-01 11:23:00

Guangzhou, China: April 01, 2013--3D printing, a process of making a three-dimensional image into a real object, is one of the most hottest and popular topics in the tech field. Due to its strong customizability as well as high efficiency, 3D printing has been adopted by companies in 3D modeling, mold design, and machining industries. As highly cost-effective CAD/CAM software, ZW3D has taken 3D printing into consideration and enabled its latest version to help designers work more easily and seamlessly with 3D printers.


Increased Efficiency in 3D Modeling Design

3D printing allows designers and developers to progress quickly from virtual images in software to physical objects in reality and make adjustments and changes in a more intuitive way by judging real products rather than conceptual drawings. In addition, manufacturing process will be completed in a more cost-effective manner, instead of mould making and modification. A huge amount of molding fees can be saved for product innovation and development, helping to accelerate the product life circle in 3D modeling industry.

With the new Print3D function in ZW3D 2013, designers and engineers can leverage the advantages of 3D printing to improve their working efficiency. What they need is to choose the STL file and the executable program of a 3D printer. After setting the value for tolerance, the interface will easily go to the print page of the printing software, where the ZW3D model has been already loaded into it. This simple workflow process gives designers a faster and easier way to print in 3D, thereby streamlining printing workflows and increasing design efficiency.


Easily Bringing Your Design into Reality

As the 3D printing matures, this consumer-oriented technology has started to affect almost every aspect of our life, from small items like cells, food and medicine to large objects such as furniture and even buildings. Companies including MakieLab, Kodama Studios and Shapeways have created simplified Web services with which clients can make customized objects based on customization software. These services enable designers to easily print out their works after drawing without complicated a production process. Moreover, the size, shape, painting and material can be customized in their desired way, allowing designers to make unique creations and distinguish from the standardized products.

“We can see 3D printing is becoming a wider trend for 3D design industry, for it really helps designers to see their designs more intuitively, modify details more efficiently and think of ideas more creatively.” Said Colin Lin, vice director of ZW3D Overseas Business. “Therefore we try to establish closer connection with 3D printer in ZW3D, allowing designers to better leverage the 3D printing technology to help improve product quality, boost design efficiency and facilitate prototyping as well as manufacturing.”



ZW3D is cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining, helping engineers from concept to finished product in an easy-to-use, single collaborative environment. https://www.zwsoft.com/products/zw3d.html




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