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The Launch of ZWSim 2021: a Milestone for All-in-One CAx Strategy

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The Launch of ZWSim 2021: a Milestone for All-in-One CAx Strategy

Products 2020-12-16 16:40:00

Guangzhou, China: December 16, 2020 – ZWSim, the CAE product series which includes ZWSim Structural for structural analysis, ZWSim-EM for electromagnetic simulation, and ZWMeshWorks, the CAE platform for solver integration, was officially released by ZWSOFT. After the 2D CAD ZWCAD and 3D CAD/CAM ZW3D have been trusted by global users to conduct 2D/3D design and CNC programming, the launch of ZWSim is one more milestone in ZWSOFT’s All-in-One CAx strategy, further satisfying needs for the whole process from designing, verifying to manufacturing/constructing. Widely applied to industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, shipping, etc., CAE helps simulate and analyze models in order to ensure their design rationality at the product development stage, avoiding repetitive design and lowering costs. So, what factors contribute to a good CAE solution? Algorithms, modeling and meshing capabilities are the answers. As a multidisciplinary simulation solution, how ZWSim meets those requirements?

Excellent Algorithms for Accurate and Efficient Simulation As the core of CAE software, algorithms play a decisive role in its accuracy and efficiency. Adopting a series of excellent algorithms, ZWSim shows a high performance. For example, the self-developed EIT (Embedded Integral Technique) in ZWSim-EM effectively solves the trapezoidal error when simulating curved metallic boundaries and material interfaces by the traditional FDTD algorithm, and the low efficiency issue due to the reduced time step to meet the stability requirement of Conformal-FDTD algorithm. With EIT, any curved metals and multilayer thin dielectric sheets can be simulated accurately and efficiently.

Figure 1. The trapezoidal error can be overcome

Figure 2. Any curved metal and multilayer thin dielectric sheets can be simulated

For ZWSim Structural, FEM (finite element method) was adopted to support multiple elements, including beam, shell and solid ones. Multiple matrix algorithms including linear equations and eigenvalue extraction standardize the problem-solving methods, so that the software can make full use of the computer's high-speed computing and large storage, realizing multi-threaded calculation and thus significantly accelerating the simulation. More importantly, FEM enables a variety of 1D, 2D, and 3D elements, which can be used to process different complicated geometries flexibly, precisely and quickly. With these technical advantages, ZWSim Structural is competent for static, modal and steady/transient-state heat transfer analyses.

Figure 3. Static analysis of a gear (left) and heat transfer analysis (right)

Self-developed Overdrive Kernel for Powerful Modeling Capabilities Models are the basis for any analysis and calculation. Therefore, the capabilities of modeling and geometric processing are key to the whole simulation process. As a collection of 3D modeling algorithms, the Overdrive kernel developed by ZWSOFT realizes the consistency of 3D models’ geometric shapes and their relationships through geometric calculation. As introduced by the Head of CAE R&D Center, “The Overdrive kernel and the derived modeling capabilities like parametric and solid-surface hybrid modeling have been proven by a large number of users in their industrial production. Applied to ZWSim-EM, ZWSim Structural and ZWMeshWorks, it improves engineers’ modeling efficiency and experience during pre-processing, facilitating the latter simulation work.

Figure 4. 3D modeling is efficient in ZWSim Structural

In the future, ZWSOFT will develop a competitive 3D design platform based on the Overdrive kernel and one set of model data, covering the whole process of design, simulation and manufacturing.

Open Platform for Solver Integration and Multidisciplinary Applications In addition to a comprehensive analysis software suite covering multiple physics, ZWSOFT also developed ZWMeshWorks, a simulation platform with pre- and post-processors, enabling developers in different industries to integrate their solvers, and satisfying needs for multidisciplinary simulation. As for the meshing ability, the Hybrid Advancing-Front & Delaunay Mesh Generation helps generate tens of millions of high-quality 1D/2D/3D meshes. Multiple types of meshes and the automatic generation of the hexahedral hybrid ones are also available for you. What’s more, providing standard interfaces, it is highly customizable and extendable for developers to integrate any solvers conveniently and develop their own CAE software, significantly increasing development efficiency of CAE products for multiple disciplines like structure, fluid, electromagnetism, etc., and boosting the establishment of CAE ecosystem.

Figure 5. The core competitiveness and applications of ZWMeshWorks

ZWSim plays a key role in ZWSOFT’s All-in-One CAx product matrix, and in the whole production process to help engineers verify designs before production or construction. In the future, ZWSOFT will continue to strengthen its CAE product abilities based on user needs, extend this simulation series to more disciplines, and enable users to better carry out the whole production process with its reliable All-in-One CAx.

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