ZW3D 2022: Next-Level CAD/CAM Features at Your Fingertips

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ZW3D 2022: Next-Level CAD/CAM Features at Your Fingertips

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ZW3D 2022: Next-Level CAD/CAM Features at Your Fingertips

Products 2021-04-14 16:30:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: April 14th, 2021 – ZWSOFT today announced the official launch of ZW3D 2022, the latest version of its flagship integrated 3D CAD/CAM solution. Packed with new features and enhancements, this long-awaited version will surprise you with its G3 curve continuity, piping design module, and countless improvements that culminate in higher modeling and machining efficiency as well as friendlier interaction.

The Breakthrough in G3 Continuity Boosts Modeling Capabilities

The ZWSOFT R&D team take the modeling capabilities to the next level this time—generating G3 continuous curves is feasible in ZW3D 2022. It means that you can create fairer curves and lays a solid foundation for creating surfaces of higher continuity level.

“This breakthrough indicates that ZW3D is prepared for tackling the demands for the intricate design of high-quality surfaces of high-end products such as automobiles and planes.” The ZW3D product manager explained that raising the continuity level of surfaces makes the creation of more aesthetically appealing yet practical products easier. “In ZW3D 2022, you are free to choose the G3 curve continuity option for commonly used commands, such as Blend, Point Curve, and Modify in the sketch and part environments.”

Catering to the Needs of More Professional Fields

As an integrated 3D CAD/CAM solution, ZW3D is widely applied in areas including product design, mechanical design, mold design, manufacturing, etc. The latest ZW3D 2022 approaches even more professionals with its new piping module for designing gas and liquid transmission equipment.

There are flexible routing ways in this new piping module, which allow you to set not only pipe files, but also pipe diameter, thickness, and material. Also, these piping parameters can be specification driven or non-specification driven, so that you don’t need to go out of your way to create and route pipes. Moreover, you can create pipe paths by multiple means, such as Drag, Orthogonal, Two Points, and Offset. Flanges, gaskets, and reducers can be automatically added; while the flow direction can be adjusted in an intuitive way.

A Myriad of New CAD/CAM functions to Lift Efficiency and Quality

Furthermore, the new and enhanced CAD/CAM functions of ZW3D 2022 will give you a leg-up in designing and machining products. For example, the newly added Flatten command allows you to check the flattening results of sheet metals in real time, thus, generating relevant 2D drawings becomes way easier.

Meanwhile, new Profile Roughing path pattern in Offset 2D roughing machining operation, Flat Detection in QuickMill roughing machining operation, etc. have been added, while the lace operation machining order, Full Machine Simulation, etc. have been improved. Therefore, your machining efficiency and quality will soar remarkably, as the ZW3D product manager pointed out, “We adopted the multi-threading technology and perfected the algorithm to make toolpath generation faster in this version. The calculation time, in particular, is reduced by an average of 50% and will be more obvious when users process larger parts.”

With features more than the above-mentioned ones, ZW3D 2022 will further satisfy the 3D CAD/CAM needs of various industries and professionals. Feel free to download ZW3D 2022 and start your free 30-day trial. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to share your input with your peer designers and engineers in the ZW3D User Group as well!


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