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ZWCAD 2018 SP2: Small Tricks with Big Influence on User Experience

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ZWCAD 2018 SP2: Small Tricks with Big Influence on User Experience

Products 2018-04-09 13:52:25
In the previous article, the important new features of ZWCAD 2018 SP2 have been revealed. But that’s all about the most powerful release? Of course not. There are other amazing points which were improved and optimized based on our users’ needs in their actual working environment.     For Interface, Comfort is the Priority Interface has been further optimized by changing the drawing area from light gray to dark gray, which makes your eyes more comfortable. What’s more, by lightening the color of menus in both Ribbon Interface and Classic Interface, more notable contrast is realized to distinguish different areas, bringing you wonderful visual experience with clear layering.   The optimized user interface

Figure 1. The optimized user interface

Tool Palettes Improved The Properties option, including the Name, Scale, Rotation, Layer, etc., is now added to the right-click menu of a block or a command in the Tool Palettes, making it convenient for you to edit the properties of a block or a command directly in the Tool Palettes.   The Properties option in the right-click menu of a blockThe Properties option in the right-click menu of a block

Figure 2. The Properties option in the right-click menu of a block

Lock/Unlock Viewports Button Added to the status bar, this button helps you quickly lock or unlock the selected viewport without changing the status in the properties panel.   Unlock the viewport by clicking the LockUnlock Viewports Button

Figure 3. Unlock the viewport by clicking the Lock/Unlock Viewports Button

Enhanced Attribute Editor A shortcut menu including commands like Insert Field, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Select all is added in Enhanced Attribute Editor and prompts when right-clicking the value textbox.   Right-click the value textbox and the shortcut menu appears

Figure 4. Right-click the value textbox and the shortcut menu appears

BLOCKEDITMODE It is a new system variable added to control whether REFEDIT or BEDIT is used to edit a block when double-clicking it.   Shortcut Keys to Switch Model/Layout Now you can switch between Model and Layout simply by pressing Ctrl + PageUp and Ctrl + PageDown. We believe that the optimization of details actually means a lot to our users, so we spare no effort to enhance your user experience by improving the very tiny points.   Know more about the new functions of ZWCAD 2018 SP2 and try it out!     About ZWSOFT ZWSOFT (ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.) is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. With a reputation as a committed and reliable provider of CAD/CAM software to the AEC and MCAD industries, ZWSOFT has created design software products that have continuously satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D drafters. With 20 years' experience in CAD industry, our products and service are proven by over 550,000 clients across 80 countries, including US, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, etc.

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