ZWCAD 2024 Beta: Take CAD Design to the Next Level

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ZWCAD 2024 Beta: Take CAD Design to the Next Level

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ZWCAD 2024 Beta: Take CAD Design to the Next Level

Products 2023-04-11 10:24:00

ZWSOFT has taken CAD design to the next level with the launch of ZWCAD 2024 Beta. Packed with new features and improvements, this version is set to help designers and engineers maximize efficiency and unleash creativity.

What's New in ZWCAD 2024

As one of the best AutoCAD alternatives, ZWCAD 2024 introduces Flexiblock, a block that contains parameters and actions like AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks. It can speed up your workflow as you can change its shape freely and conveniently without creating multiple blocks. Furthermore, it can be created or edited to fit your specific needs.

Point Cloud

Figure 1. Flexiblock

Point Cloud data is now commonly used in industries such as surveying and mapping and by taking advantage of point cloud, users can significantly improve design accuracy. In ZWCAD 2024, users can not only attach point cloud, and but also edit them such as adjusting styles, cropping and creating section planes. Besides that, you can easily manage complex point cloud with Point Cloud Manager. Flexiblock

Figure 2. Point Cloud

ZWCAD 2024 has revolutionized the user experience, allowing users to open, view, edit and save files faster and easier. This is due to multiple-threading optimization, hardware acceleration, and incremental saving. In comparison to ZWCAD 2023, these operations have been sped up by 2.8 times on average - surpassing even its competitors in performance. In simpler terms, you can get your work done quicker and more seamlessly than ever before.

There are still many new features and improvements in ZWCAD 2024, such as the Quick Properties Panel, and DGN Files Attachment. Find more details on this page.



ZWCAD MFG is an advanced CAD solution for the manufacturing industry. Built on the powerful ZWCAD platform, this software provides handy design tools that accelerate design. Additionally, it has an extensive part library that meets national and international standards as well as the ability to import non-standard parts easily.


Get Started Today

The beta versions of both ZWCAD and ZWCAD MFG 2024 are now available for testing. Download them now and enjoy a 30-day free trial.


Upgrade to ZWCAD 2024 for Free

From April 11 to May 30, when you buy or upgrade to ZWCAD 2023, you can enjoy a free update to ZWCAD 2024 after it is released. Learn more about the prelaunch promotion.



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