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ZWSim Structural 2021: Structural Simulator by Finite Element Method

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ZWSim Structural 2021: Structural Simulator by Finite Element Method

Products 2020-12-28 17:08:00

ZWSim Structural 2021: Structural Simulator by Finite Element Method

Guangzhou, China: December 28, 2020ZWSim Structural 2021, a structural simulator has made its debut. As a part of ZWSim, the CAE product series developed by ZWSOFT for multidisciplinary simulation, it simulates the physical behaviors of structures, and verifies the rationality of structural designs accordingly before production and construction, to increase productivity while decrease development time and costs.

CAE is not necessarily obscure As Mark Vorwaller, President of ZWSOFT America said, “The ease of use is a key factor for making CAE great. CAE traditionally has many options and parameters that the users have to review and adjust. We attempt to provide the minimum set of parameters with good default settings so that they can get an initial analysis with minimum input. We will also do as much as we can to simplify the user interface.”  So, don’t flinch from a new CAE product. ZWSim Structural can bring you a pleasant simulation experience with its clear workflow and intuitive interface.

The clear workflow and intuitive interface of ZWSim Structural

Figure 1. The clear workflow and intuitive interface of ZWSim Structural

Structural analysis: accurate, fast and diversified With the finite element method (FEM), multiple matrix algorithms and the eigenvalue extraction method, ZWSim Structural simulates structures accurately and efficiently. Supporting analyses of linear statics, buckling, frequency and mode shapes, steady- and transient-state heat transfer, it helps engineers in fields like machinery, automotive, shipping, aerospace, electronics, civil engineering, etc. assess the strength, rigidity, stability, vibration and heat conduction of their products or constructions.

  Multiple types of structural simulation

Figure 2. Multiple types of structural simulation

Complete simulation experience with advanced pre- and post-processing Settings in pre-processing can greatly affect the accuracy of simulation. Thanks to the powerful modeling capabilities enabled by the self-developed Overdrive kernel, parametric modeling, solid-surface hybrid modeling, Direct Edit, etc. are available for you to build or heal models directly and easily in ZWSim Structural. What’s more, it’s compatible with over 20 file formats, allowing you to import models with ease. After the model is ready, you need to apply materials, which can be customized according to your specific needs, and added to the library for reuse conveniently. When it turns to the element setting, beam, shell and solid elements are supported, and their parameters can be set easily as required. Manifold constraints, structural loads and thermal loads are also accessible, to better simulate the actual environment.

Multiple constraints and loads

Figure 3. Multiple constraints and loads

As for mesh generation, the Hybrid Advancing-Front & Delaunay Mesh Generation empowers the generation of tens of millions of high-quality 1D/2D/3D meshes, whose quantity and quality can be easily checked, and size flexibly controlled. After checking all the pre-processing settings above, you can run the simulation efficiently and get the results, which can be displayed in different forms, like plots, tables, animations, etc.

Powerful mesh generation

Figure 4. Powerful mesh generation

With the complete functions for pre- and post- processing, your structural simulation becomes more accurate and effortless. After ZWSim-EM, the electromagnetic simulator was first released last year, this debut of ZWSim Structural means another important progress in ZWSOFT’s All-in-One CAx product matrix and its capability for multidisciplinary simulation, to further satisfy needs for the whole process from designing, verifying to manufacturing/constructing. ZWSOFT will continue extending the capabilities of ZWSim Structural, to help engineers verify and produce high-quality products in a faster way. If you are interested, apply for a free trial.