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1 Min 1 CAD: Where is my Pasted Rectangle?

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1 Min 1 CAD: Where is my Pasted Rectangle?

ZWSchool 2019-05-23 10:52:58
When you have loads of figures that need to be used frequently and repetitively, you know that there is nothing easier than copying and pasting. But sometimes you may notice that the figure is no longer the original one after it has been copied and pasted from one drawing to another.

How could this be? Let me give you an example.

Firstly, create two blocks (one circle and one rectangle) in two different drawings, and name both of them as “1”. zwcadzwcad Next, copy the rectangle in drawing2 and paste it to drawing1. The strange thing happens – the pasted rectangle is changed to a circle. zwcad_3

So, what’s wrong?

The pasted rectangle has been magically turned into a circle same as the one in drawing1 because we’ve used the same name for the two blocks created earlier, resulting in the chaos as above.

Then, how can we make it correct?

Use RENAME command in drawing2, select “Block” in “Named Objects” and rename the block from “1” in “Old Name” to a different name like “2” in “Rename To”. zwcad_4 Now, try to copy and paste the rectangle in drawing2 to drawing1 again, and you can get the pasted rectangle instead of another circle. zwcad_5


The name of each block in a CAD drawing is one and only. We need to pay attention to authorizing and naming different blocks with different names, that is, giving a block its own and unique name. In this way, we can prevent copying circle but pasting rectangle. Is this tutorial useful to you? Leave your comments to let me know!

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