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4 Incredible Points to Know about 3D Modeling Functions of ZWCAD and BIM

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4 Incredible Points to Know about 3D Modeling Functions of ZWCAD and BIM

ZWSchool 2021-02-01 16:25:00

3D modeling has changed the way we live and is one of the wonders of modern technology. From its initial use in visual media, 3D modeling now has been applied in the field of video game development, architecture, engineering, etc.   Since 3D modeling is so widely used that you must have heard about it. But do you really figure out what it is. 3D modeling, in simple terms, refers to the creation of complex third-dimensional objects from simple shapes with the aid of a CAD software program and it has the first of its kind SketchPad created as far back as 1963.   Today, innovations and technological breakthroughs have opened up space to other CAD software, a product worth mentioning is the ZWCAD made by ZWSOFT.   In the post, we take an in-depth look into 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD, some of its advantages and the different between 3D modeling and BIM.

3D Modeling Functions of ZWCAD and BIM

3D Modeling Functions of ZWCAD ZWCAD is an industry-leading software used for 2D and 3D design.   For starters, 3D Modeling Functions of ZWCAD is a CAD software that allows its users to create mesh and solid models directly or based on existing 2D drawings. The software also makes it easy for users to create and modify 3D models with its various modeling tools. It now takes less time to translate a design from the mind to CAD software and to show that to the stakeholders involved. This is just one of the many perks of 3D modeling we would highlight in this article.

Highlights of 3D Modeling Functions of ZWCAD Before looking at the highlights of 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD, we ought to first understand what CAD software is about. CAD simply stands for computer-aided design. It means that projects designed manually in the past can now be completed by computer assistance, especially in some aspects that are difficult to realize by manual design, such as 3D modeling   One should note that not all CAD software will be able to produce 3d designs. A lot of them are only used for 2D. However, ZWCAD may be used for both 2D and 3D designs. To achieve 3D designs, you have to make use of the Solid feature of the software. Therefore, 3D modeling functions rightly refers to a feature of the ZWCAD software.   Now, let us look at the specific highlights of 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD.  

  1. Visualization: The whole design created with ZWCAD allows you to produce detailed 3D objects for visualization purposes. It becomes easy to work when you can visualize your product.
  2. Solid and mesh: Solid and mesh surface options for the 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD allows users to improve the speed of the design.
  3. Teaming up with other industry: Oriented to third party applications, ZWCAD caters to different industries like piping. When your project involves thousands of pipelines, the transplantation of EPLANT® V2019 in ZWCAD simplifies your work to the greatest extend by minimizing the use of parametric component catalog and automatically enforcing piping specifications.

Teaming up with other industry

  1. Support export of STL format file: To design 3D models is allowed in ZWCAD and you even can print them by the 3D printer.
  2. Color printing supporting: With the 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD, the shading effect of 3D objects can also be printed by a solid printer.
  3. Supports IFC: 3D modeling is just a step on the way to Building Information Modelling (BIM). To make sure that ZWCAD is on the right path, it supports the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format. This is essential for any software that will be involved in BIM.

Supports IFC

With all these highlights of 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD, collaboration can be an easier feat since you can work with different file formats from other stakeholders in the industry.

3D modelling is not all of BIM As for stakeholders in AEC industry, most of them may think 3D modelling is total the same as BIM. Actually, 3D modelling is just a part of BIM. To understand them, you ought to be clear on what BIM is about as opposed to 3D modeling.   What is BIM? BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, and it is a building model that is made to contain rich information about a building's design, execution, and maintenance. That means more than a 3D model.  

  • BIM can include the schedule of construction, information on building performance, design data and parameters, etc. Hence, it is not a software, but rather a technique on how to achieve collaboration with the help of software. We can refer to BIM as data management because it hinges on data and communication on different aspects of the building. While, 3D modeling is the function involved in CAD software to make the design work more efficient and visual.
  • BIM involves various stakeholders. There are several professionals involved in design and construction and they all have a role to play. Therefore, BIM requires to come together in collaboration. However, one people can handle the 3D modeling function of CAD software if he is professional enough.

Future of 3D Modeling Functions of ZWCAD We would like everyone clear on that BIM cannot be realized in an integral and giant program. To realize BIM, we need programs and experts in different majors throughout the building life cycle. ZWCAD is playing an active role in this cycle, striving for supporting IFC file import, and generating 2D drawings from 3D models. Apart from actively participating in BIM, 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD will be smarter and more user-friendly. There will be more useful functions seen and the existing functions will be strengthened to meet users’ needs and ever-updating standards.

In conclusion, 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD is a great software for any stakeholder in the construction industry. It is useful for the product design of furniture, machine parts, etc. With its high performance and prospect for growth, a wide range of users, including engineers, manufacturers, furniture designers, etc. are able to create fascinating 3D models. Why not get started with 3D modeling functions of ZWCAD and use innovative tools to create cutting-edge designs and models.

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