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Happy CADing-Arrange a Romantic House for Valentine’s Day

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Happy CADing-Arrange a Romantic House for Valentine’s Day

ZWSchool 2019-02-14 17:57:25
Have you tried to design the roses with ZW3D? Here, we’d like to recommend another option for Valentine’s surprise to you – arrange a romantic house for your love. Ready to surprise her? Here we go! When she enters the house, a romantic song will flow into her ears. “Could this be love” from Victoria Acosta may be a good choice. Then she will step on the beautiful “path” made of rose petals as below. Red, pink, whatever. Keep walking along the path, she will discover a bunch of red roses surrounded by candles in heart shape (of course, pay attention to fire safety). She will pick up the bouquet, and notice a card on which written your sweet words. Other arrangements such as a pillow of heart shape on the couch, balloons of different colors are also preferred. ZWCAD_ValentinesDay_1 Then, she will enter the dining room. The dim light from tall candles makes the atmosphere even more romantic. You can taste wine and chocolates together. After that, nothing can be better than a dance. ZWCAD_ValentinesDay_1 Finally, in the bedroom, she will find a well-prepared gift (delicate accessories, handiwork…don't tell me you haven’t prepared yet) and a pair of lovely dolls on the bed, where rose petals are spread. Imagine the sweet smile on her face when opening the gift. ZWCAD_ValentinesDay_3 Sounds not bad, right? Act now for the unforgettable moment!

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