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Happy CADing-Design 3D Roses for Valentine's Day

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Happy CADing-Design 3D Roses for Valentine's Day

ZWSchool 2019-02-14 16:56:50

It’s no secret that the rose is the staple flower for Valentine’s Day. It symbolizes love, adoration, and romance, which make it an ideal gift to your significant other on the day of love. So today, we’d like to show you how to design a red rose with ZW3D.


Red rose

Figure 1. Red rose

Step1: Draw the main contour curves of the rose on the XZ plane. Curve 1 will make up the bud, Curve 2 to 4 will make up the petals, Curve 5 the receptacle, and Curve 6 the stem. It should be noted that the starting and ending points of Curve 1 should be in one vertical line.

Figure 2. The main contour curves of the rose

Step2: Use the Curve List command to detach the contour curves from the sketch. Detach the curves from the sketch

Figure 3. Detach the curves from the sketch

Step3: Use Revolve command to draw the bud, petals, and receptacles. Select Curves 1 to 5 respectively, revolve around the Z-axis (360° for Curve 1 and Curve 5, -55° and 55° for Curve 2 and 4, -110° and 0° for Curve 3) to generate the bud, three petals, and a receptacle. Generate the bud, petals and receptacles

Figure 4. Generate the bud, petals, and receptacles

Step4: Since the edge of the rose is too sharp, we need to trim it. Use Through Point Curve command to draw two curves. Draw two curves

Figure 5. Draw two curves

Step5: Use Trim to Curves command to trim the petal, to make it more natural. Trim the petal

Figure 6. Trim the petal

Step6: Thicken the petal to change it from a surface to a solid. Now, a petal was born. Thicken the petal

Figure 7. Thicken the petal

Step7: Use the same method to generate the other two petals. Then pattern these three petals at 120° around the Z-axis by Pattern Geometry function. Pattern other petals

Figure 8. Pattern other petals

Step8: Thicken the receptacle. Then the main part of the rose is completed. Finish the main part of the rose

Figure 9. Finish the main part of the rose

Step9: Create a datum at the endpoint of Curve 6 and draw a circle around it. Draw a circle around the datum

Figure 10. Draw a circle around the datum

Step10: Use Sweep command and set the scale of transform as below to create a stem for the rose. Sweep the stem

Figure 11. Sweep the stem

Step11: Draw two curves on a sketch, then extrude them by the Extrude command to create two surfaces. Extrude two surfaces

Figure 12. Extrude two surfaces

Step12: Repeat Step 4 to 6 to beautify the leaves. Beautify the leaves

Figure 13. Beautify the leaves

Step13: Render with Keyshot, then a charming rose is finally ready for your significant other! What if he or she doesn’t like roses? Follow the above steps, and you can also design your own ones easily with ZW3D’s amazing Hybrid Modelling technology. Final work

Figure 14. Final work


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