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How to Choose an Easy CAD Software for Beginners

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How to Choose an Easy CAD Software for Beginners

ZWSchool 2021-04-05 01:05:00

CAD software, without any doubts, has gradually become the main tool for designers in civil engineering, decoration, urban planning, and mechanical design to express their ideas in tactile structures. It acts as the right hand for designers to complete the subtlest work with great efficiency. This also attracts a lot of beginners. However, there are all kinds of CAD software on the market, which dazzles the beginners who are struggling to get into this field.

An old saying goes that if a man who wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. However, we suggest that it is wise of you to start with an easy CAD software. Well, how to choose an easy CAD software among the many software on the market? We will take you through this article to get some ideas.

1. Depend on your industry
When you decide to choose a basic CAD software, you had better have a comprehensive understanding of your industry as CAD software features different according to the different properties of the industries. In the past, limited by the simplicity of CAD software functions, the use of software only save designers time from drawing. Nowadays, CAD software has extended from basic two-dimensional drawing to auxiliary design in various industries, and different professional versions will have different detailed functions. It is also a good way to choose a comprehensive CAD software that cater to different industries.

For example, ZWCAD software is a kind of easy CAD software but with comprehensive functions, which has developed rapidly and several different versions are subdivided in recent years. The ZWCAD mechanical version is the right one for machinery inheriting the speed, smoothness and new functions of ZWCAD 2021, and also provides more mechanical engineer friendly functions.

When you are able to use these software more proficiently, you will find that the use of the professional version will inspire you the most to catch up with the fast update of your industry. So, start to choose it according to the industry you are engaged in, and you will get your easy CAD software.

2. The function of the software

To choose an easy CAD software, beginners should bear in mind that what functions are inevitable for your design works in advance. Then you will have a clear idea to head you for the perfect CAD software that you actually want. In fact, the CAD software on the market has relatively basic functions, and whether it has the functions of keeping up with the times has become the standard for selecting an easy CAD software no matter for beginners or experts.

For example, if you want a more collaborative working style, you must want some convenient functions of your basic CAD software to help you get to this. We back to the ZWCAD software which has a smart voice function to be left on the drawing for better communication across different departments.Figure 1. Smart voice

In addition, there is a golden rule that the more convenient experience a CAD software brings, the better beginners grasp the software. Therefore, if an easy CAD software comes with the functions of batch printing by merely one click or generating QR codes and bar codes to store information like what ZWCAD software does, that is what you are supposed to choose.

Figure 2. QR code

To choose an easy CAD software, on the one hand beginners are likely encouraged to make sure that the basic functions are complete, on the other hand to pay attention to these new functions, which means that the software company has invested in the software. A company that is willing to invest a lot of time and energy in developing new features must have more complete design features.


3. The user experience of the software
In addition to complete functions, there is no delay for beginners to estimate the feedback of the CAD software you favor from the previous users. That is because a basic CAD software must provide customers with a good user experience, including software requirements for configuration, installation speed, running smoothness and thoughtful after-sales support.

You may have heard from experienced situations driving user crazy where some software installation packages are too large, memory is insufficient, and the installation speed is too slow to get work done. It will frustrate users and leave an bad impression. However, beginners can take actions if you receive some positive feedback from the previous users that the easy CAD software has very low requirements for the computer installation environment, even available for systems as old as Microsoft® Windows7 sp1.

ZWCAD software is one of the example in this case. The space needed for its installation on a hard disk requires only 1GB, which win most of the user’s hearts. Furthermore, it has two interfaces for beginners to choose, classic interface for those who have experience in using ACAD software, and concise ribbon interface for the new. 

Figure 3. classic interface

Figure 4. ribbon interface

No piece of software is perfect, and how the problem is solved is the indicator for judging the level of the software. It is recommended that beginners, when choosing an easy CAD software, may want to contact the pre-sales for consultation of these software, so that you can have a clearer understanding of the information of these software.

4. Your budget for a software

There is no doubt that no matter who want to have a cost-effective purchase plan when choosing an easy CAD software, not to mention beginners. For industrial software, high R&D costs determine that its market prices are not low. At present, most CAD software on the market provides two types of sales models. One is the annual lease, and the other is the sale of permanent use rights. It sounds that the cost of leasing for a period of time is relatively low, but subsequent renewals and updates will continue to accumulate investment costs. The entry cost of the perpetual use right is paid one-off, which can solve many hidden dangers in the future, because when you decide to have your own genuine CAD software, all the technologies and services you will get are certain, and there are few additional input. In this respect, ZWCAD software stands out among its class with its well-round service and transparent and reasonable price.

In conclusion, considering the above points, even as a beginner, you now have absolutely enough knowledge in choosing a basic CAD software. After comparing several common CAD software, you may find that our ZWCAD is such a software with greater competitiveness in almost all aspects. Dedicated to providing the best customer service, ZWCAD software will surely do better and better to meet the needs of more users.

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