How ZW3D CAD Module Drive Innovative Product Design

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How ZW3D CAD Module Drive Innovative Product Design

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How ZW3D CAD Module Drive Innovative Product Design

ZWSchool 2021-05-14 10:50:00

Product Design Innovation means bringing changes in design to improve the quality and overall performance of finished products. Likewise, product design innovation allows us to look into research fields and achievements in developing tools and product design approaches. Over time, intricate designs have mainstreamed, and hence, the newer designing software is replacing their predecessor and offering even improved results. Provided that adding one more highly productive and innovative CAD software, the ZW3D, and its CAD module, would help you design your products conveniently.

Typically, various 3D CAD programs are available on the lookout, but only some are trustworthy and worthwhile. Then again, ZWSOFT (ZW3D and ZWCAD software provider) offers maximum ease to its users and is equally suitable for both beginners and experts.

The question here is, what are the salient features of the ZW3D CAD module that make this CAD software superior to all other designing software in innovative product design? Let us get into those features. 

Figure 1. ZW3D CAD design


What is ZW3D CAD Module?

ZW3D CAD is a design module that provides you with advanced and innovative model design options. The software is equipped with unique solid-surface hybrid modeling capabilities, sustainable product verification tools, powerful data exchange system, and multi-object file management. With the help of these facilities and the flexible design module of this software, you can boost design productivity. Similarly, these capabilities allow the ZW3D CAD module to get used by experts of any level.

After knowing about the software basics, let us see how it creates a difference from other software in the market. 

1. Flexible and Humanized Modeling Tool

ZW3D CAD module offers you the latest solid-surface hybrid modeling technology to have a creative and personalized product design. This facility allows you to switch these two modeling systems at will. It is regarded as an ideal solution to gain your design faster and boost productivity according to your requirements. 

2. Best Data Translator 

Usually, in traditional 3D CAD programs, there are data loss and exchange barriers of data exchange between diverse modeling systems, stalling the maximum use of data. Nevertheless, it is not the case with the ZW3D software, as it possesses an excellent ability to translate data even from other CAD software. Thus, you should not be concerned about the exchange of CAD data with your supplier. 

3. Easy to Use and Learn 

An easy-to-understand user interface, clear 3D design workflow, and provided tutorials offer users the facility of learning the software in a short duration of time. Additionally, it comes up as an ideal decision to make for CAD software in school because it is easy to understand and easy to use. 

4. Cost Effective Software 

ZW3D software is a cost-effective software since it does not demand elevated relearning costs. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the integrated file translator that we have discussed earlier. 

5. Advanced 3D CAD Platform 

The ZW3D software offers users the best opportunities to develop advanced product designing solutions, having possessed several functions like 3D modeling, 2D modeling, Animation, and reverse engineering. 


Figure 2. ZW3D CAD Module


How ZW3D CAD Module Drive Innovative Product Design?

There are several benefits of using the ZW3D CAD module, driving your product design to innovation. You might have a question in your mind, what advantages would you have after choosing the ZW3D CAD module as your product designing solution? Accordingly, here we will put some of the significant functions of using this ZW3D software to make a choice easier for you. So, let us move on.


1. Multi-Object File management 

Amid a lot of qualities of this program, the file management system of ZW3D CAD is highly laudable. Users can store all kinds of information like assembly, CAM plan, and 2D sheet only in one file to keep all the files managed. Apart from this, the option of a conventional one file-object has been included to provide you with all facilities. With this powerful function, more time can be spent on innovative product design instead of file management.

2. Unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling Technology

In ZW3D, the designer does not even need to be concerned whether the object is solid or a surface. The reason that the Boolean operation for the surface can get performed directly with solid geometries. In the meantime, unique solid-surface hybrid modeling technology makes it more flexible to create a perfect model, so that you have more time to look for creativity and inspiration. 

3. Better Design Cooperation 

The ZW3D CAD module originates diversified standard 2D sheets with views, dimensions, and BOM (bill of materials) table from assemblies and parts to offer better cooperation and brainstorming of product design in the team. Along with this, it can read 3D CAD and 2D sheet files in some format like Catia, Pro-engineering, Solid Works, Solid-Edge, and any other software. 

4. Flexible Embossing, Morphing & Wrapping

The ZW3D CAD module facilitates flexible embossing, wrapping, and morphing. Using a raster image, it quickly embosses a high-precision surface. In the same way, it provides solid, and surface data to make the wrapping and morphing flexible. With the help of these facilities, designers can be more creative and flexible in product design. 

5. Product Verification Tools

To assess the product structure and surface quality, visual analysis tools are used, including draft angle, Gaussian curvature, contour stripe, and thickness analysis. On the other hand, there is a dynamic section view and interface check to help you know whether the parts and assembly fit with each other or not. Moreover, you can view the animation to make sure about the design assembly, as it can better demonstrate its working mechanism. These tools let your innovative product design shine even in the last stage.


Figure 3. ZW3D CAD Module



ZWSOFT is sensibly taking the product designing solution to its best. In addition to its revolutionary CAD/CAM software, here it has added one more CAD software with the name of ZWCAD. Having gone through the details mentioned above, you would have understood that the ZW3D CAD module offers some extra and highly commendable features that distinguish this software from other product designing solutions.

Correspondingly, being easy to use for both experts and beginners, this 3D CAD module is becoming popular in product designers' circles. So, if you need a complete and seamless product designing solution, the ZW3D CAD module comes as the best choice to make. 

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