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Top 7 Considerations When Choosing an Easy CAD Software

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Top 7 Considerations When Choosing an Easy CAD Software

ZWSchool 2021-05-08 11:31:00

Computers have made every field of life easier and faster. If we talk about the design of any machines, companies have developed amazing and easy-to-use CAD software, which has revolutionized the design field. CAD software has extraordinary acceptance due to precise, time and cost-saving as compared to conventional methods. It drives many CAD providers to develop different kinds of CAD software.

The end purpose of all these software is the same, which is the design of a product. The difference between them is the way they offered to reach there. Easy CAD software allows you to perform a specific task just by a click or using a single command, while with others, you may need a row of commands to perform the same task.

The selection of easy CAD software is important as it may save an engineer’s time and help him perform more tasks in a limited time with less mental stress. Sometimes as an engineer or designer, it is difficult for you to decide which software to use. The criteria for the selection may vary from one individual to another. This post will share which parameters are used to select an easy CAD software and which are the most common parameters. They include:

User-friendly interface

Command accessibility


Compatibility with other software

Abundant features

Complete guideline for users



User-friendly Interface

Figure 1. User-friendly Interface

The interface is the first thing with which a designer comes into contact when he or she starts working on any CAD software. It consists of Ribbon, Menu Bar, Tool Palettes, Quick Access Toolbar, Command Prompt, Info Center, etc. A user-friendly interface enables a designer to draw and edit 2D and 3D designs easily and in minimum time.

Easy CAD software provides its users the facility to switch between different interfaces. You can customize it according to the need and add or remove elements as per requirement. ZWCAD is such an easy CAD software available with familiar Classic and Ribbon interfaces. Its user interface, coming in the light and dark color schemes, is able to help designers work more conveniently.


Command Accessibility

Commands are the building blocks of any software which applied one after the other to the completion of any design project. Easy CAD software must provide its users with quick access to any of the commands that they need. Auto-complete function is considered a vital factor as it is beginner-friendly.

Moreover, the commands mostly used together should be grouped under a well familiar name. For example, in “Draw” group commands like draw lines, arrows, polylines, circles, arcs, and so on. CAD software with such a layout saves the designer’s time.



Reliability is an important aspect when we talk about the best CAD program. It is about the efficient working of software without any instability error. Failure of any type should not occur in reliable CAD software for the service period. Proper and unhindered working is the key attribution of the best CAD program. Moreover, reliable CAD software must be safe for the system to use.


Compatibility with Other Software

Engineering is all about complex operations and teamwork. It is almost impossible for an individual to be the Jack of all trades in this field. Different experts of different fields use different software work together to bring a product into reality. In this process, they share their CAD files with others for discussion and optimization.

It is necessary that the files of good CAD software are compatible with and can be opened in other software. Furthermore, it should be able to import and export commonly used CAD and 3D file formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, etc. ZWCAD is completely reliable with high compatibility with other file formats. You can import or export formats like DWG, DWT, DXF, DWF, DWFX, SAT, DGN, PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF by ZWCAD software easily and smoothly.

Figure 2. Compatibility with Other Software


Abundant Features

One of the most important parameters that a designer should keep in mind while selecting an easy CAD software is its features. A software with comprehensive functions facilitates designers and engineers without asking help from other functional software. ZWCAD shines in this field with its abundant features, such as File Compare, Barcode & QR Code supporting, Undo Snapshot, Data Extraction, Settings Migration, and so on.

All of us know this is an age of technological advancements and every second new advancement take place. The same is the case with the CAD world. ZWCAD introduces new ways and techniques in the design arena on the basic of its ordinary functions. Advancements, such as Smart Mouse, Smart Voice, Smart Select, Smart Plot, dramatically save time and cost, which means a lot in the CAD world.


Complete Guideline for Users

Guidance about installation, activation, functioning is important for all users in general and for newbies particularly. Tutorial materials and a user community are vital sources of learning the functionality of CAD software that provides a deep insight into the software.

Additionally, knowledge about different commands and tricks is essential for users. Designers usually prefer that software for which the author of software provides complete guidelines. Such facilities help designers learn software quickly with comparatively less effort and it makes the software easy to use.

ZWCAD is not only a simple CAD software but also contains a rich CAD resource library, for example, the built-in Help wizard. Also, in ZWSchool, you will find learning resources related to the new features, shortcut keys, FAQs, etc. of ZWCAD and various CAD skills.



Frankly speaking, everyone wants to get maximum with a minimum price. The same is the case with CAD software. Designers prefer software that offers maximum features at a relatively low cost. ZWCAD is such a budget-friendly software with powerful functions like Smart Voice, Smart Select, Smart Plot, etc., but at a reasonable price. The licensing plan of ZWCAD is flexible, providing licenses that can be perpetual, network, or standalone, etc. A free trial for 30 days is also available.


Which one is the best easy CAD software?

Simple CAD software can help us reduce a lot of workloads, though we know that design is very complex and arduous work. If you are stuck in the turbine of choices, why not try ZWCAD software which is a budget-friendly and easy CAD software with user-friendly interfaces for smooth switch and advanced features. At present, ZWCAD is highly recommended for engineers and designers around the world who are willing to perform their tasks easily and efficiently.

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