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What Can You Expect from ZWCAD Professional?

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What Can You Expect from ZWCAD Professional?

ZWSchool 2021-02-08 17:39:00

Digital technological advancements have changed the way we live for the better. A perfect example would be in the field of engineering and construction. Their requirement of high accuracy in data and high-quality visualization of design drawing get CAD software a place in these fields. Building and machinery drawings that were completed by hand are now designed using CAD software packages, which results that more precise design is a lot easier to achieve.   Of the plethora of CAD software packages in the market today, one that stands out from the bunch is the ZWCAD professional because of its ease of use, numerous functions, and a lot more.   In this post, we take a look at the ZWCAD professional package and what you stand to benefit from using this software.

What is ZWCAD Professional

What is ZWCAD Professional? For those who may not be aware, ZWCAD is a computer-aided-design (CAD) software package that is used to create accurate designs of objects, buildings, pieces of machinery, and in both 2D and 3D forms. ZWCAD Professional is one of the versions of ZWCAD software built upon the Standard version. Besides containing all the features ZWCAD Standard owns, the Professional version supports more APIs (.NET/VBA/ZRX) and full 3D modeling features, which makes it a wise choice for CAD users.   Why is ZWCAD Professional? Lot of people may wonder why ZWCAD Professional stands out among CAD software out there? Well, with ZWCAD Professional, you have a lot to explore to bring surprises to your drawings. There is not just one explanation but several reasons, some of which we would disclose here.   Supports 15 Language: In this age of global collaboration, there has not been a better time to cater to diversity in the workplace. A CAD software which support multiple languages is necessary for an international corporate to support oversea work. ZWCAD Professional supports15 languages to optimize your working style and promote active participation amongst employees from all around the world, especially online working.   Work well with commonly-used add-ons: The primary function of any CAD software is to lighten the workload and streamline the workflow. This is why ZWCAD Professional is always dedicated to improving its APIs and team up with excellent add-on developers. Plugins, like GEOGEXFR Powered by Covadis® which is a very useful tool for surveyors, are available for ZWCAD Professional and ready to help CAD users make the best use of the software.

Work well with commonly-used add-ons

Design in a smart way: Unique features of ZWCAD, such as Smart Voice, Smart Select, Smart Mouse, and Smart Plot, enable you to design in a smart way. Smart Voice offers you a way to embed voice notes in the drawing for better clarifying your ideas to your team. Smart Select makes selection in ZWCAD more user-friendly. Unlike the traditional Quick Select function that shows the selected entities only after you click OK, Smart Select allows you to preview your selection immediately in the interface. Moreover, Smart Mouse gives you a convenient alternative to call out commands with mouse gestures. As for Smart Plot, it allows you to batch plot frames from the model space.   Keep your design preferences: It's always frustrating to adapt to the system functions of a new CAD software, because it means giving up the operating habits used to like and wasting time. However, ZWCAD professional put the user preference first. It is how the highlight of Settings Migration option is designed out for users who prefer their previous workflow and habits. No one is left behind.   Boost your efficiency: ZWCAD Professional has a fast drawing opening speed and a smooth basic operation. In the latest ZWCAD Professional, up to 91.7% of test drawings are opened faster than in its counterparts. Executing basic commands like COPY, MOVE, ARRAY, and COPYCLIP is comparatively swifter in this version. In other words, more time is saved from waiting for basic operations to be done and can be devoted to actual design tasks and increasing output. Bring you better visual experience: Moreover, in the latest ZWCAD Professional, items in the Properties panel, Toolbar, etc. are now adaptive to the 4K screen. Now you can use a fast CAD program on a high-resolution computer display.

Bring you better visual experience

Final Thought If you want to explore more possibilities in CAD software, or create more amazing works with the help of a better CAD software, you can really focus on ZWSOFT. ZWSOFT is committed to meeting the diversified needs of different industries with profound understandings having more than 20 years of experience in engineering software. With a mission of delivering top-of-the-line CAD solutions, ZWSOFT endeavors to provide better design experience through constant R&D. And ZWCAD Professional 2021 is the latest release from ZWSOFT that takes the entire design and modeling experience to the next level. The powerful features (some of which we have covered in this article) combined with an intuitive user interface make this CAD software a must-have for professionals in industries such as AEC and MFG.

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