What is a 2D CAD Software and What are its Strengths?

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What is a 2D CAD Software and What are its Strengths?

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What is a 2D CAD Software and What are its Strengths?

ZWSchool 2021-06-06 16:01:00

Computer Aided Design (or drafting), is also known as CAD which is a tool for designing that uses computers to create drawings and models of products while they are in the process of being created. CAD software was introduced in the early 1960s and today is in use for designing almost every single product on the market in the world and for prototypes. 2D CAD software appears early and still covers a wide range of application even with 3D CAD software prevailing. People fascinated by how products are designed using the best 2D CAD software in 2023 may be interested in learning more.

The rest of the article, we will focus on the introduction of 2D CAD software and the comparison with 3D CAD software.


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What is a 2D CAD software?

You have come to the right place looking for the answer to the aforementioned question.  CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software have revolutionized the phase of designing in engineering, architecture, construction, and manufacturing.

For the last few years, 2D (two-dimensional) CAD designs work as tools for designing project in two dimensions among engineers. It helps to improve the overall engineering project, from the conceptual 2D CAD design (being the simplest) to the final product layouts. Designers today use some of the best 2D CAD software with multiple functions instead of drawing physically on a drafting table. For example, the best ZWCAD software offers innumerable benefits in terms of abridged design cycles and efficiency in projects.

With the technological developments and ever-increasing user demand, more advanced tools like 3D (three-dimension) CAD software have made quite a reputation. However, pros still have a preference to use the best 2D CAD software out there while drafting when it comes to conceptual design.


Advantages of 2D CAD software

CAD software is now a necessity for designing machines, equipment and systems for its advantages over conventional drafting due to the digital revolution. Professional drafters can now use 2D CAD program to study the smallest factors in depth to provide a general plan. All the details of a sophisticated design, including mechanical and functional components, can be planned with 2D CAD software, and the same results, or better, as traditional design can be achieved.


Product design is a process of trial and error that need to go through with the design team and clients in order to accurately show how each element is combined together to maximize the effect. Another advantage of using 2D CAD software is that it is easy to modify something if you do not agree on one element, especially when compared to paper-based design. With 2D CAD programs, related parties can fundamentally change the layout and try different options with just a few clicks.


Compared with manual design, it is obvious that drawings can be easily made with 2D CAD software that reduces the drawing time and eliminates personal skill dependency. There are standardized rules in most engineering products. A designer needs calculations for every component. If the rules are enforced on the CAD model, by keeping the actual variables open to changes and all corresponding dimensions, automation becomes easy.


Computers play their greatest value in terms of some complicated calculations and tedious equipment dimensioning, so that designers can freely focus on where they show extraordinary talents. After deleting some manual calculation and manual input steps, the inevitable conclusion is a more accurate and efficient digital production plan.


In an environment where various users are connected to the same 2D CAD software, collaborations are easy. This is especially useful when developing large components where engineers of several disciplines work on the same project, and their components are interrelated.


2D CAD Drafting Vs. 3D CAD Modeling

2D CAD drafting is a method that has been used from the olden days, replacing complicated technical drawings on paper. It is an innovative way of designing whatever you like with little room for error. Since the creation of perspectives or scales is not available for 2D CAD software, drawing, sketching, and drafting conceptual designs are what it is often used for. In view of this reason, the design industry is toward three-dimensional direction. The next step of 2D CAD software is 3D CAD modeling. This latest technology not only allows the designer to do something they could with 2D CAD drafting but also add a 3D rendering aspect to the project.

As for the question of “2D CAD drafting Vs. 3D CAD modeling, which is better?”, we have to state that although 3D CAD is universal, especially a hot spot in 3D printing industry in recent years, 2D CAD design still plays an important role in all walks of life.


Why Are 2D CAD Drawings Still Important When You Have 3D CAD Models?

2D CAD software is a tool for conceptual design, which is a good starting point for most project that needs 3D design because 2D CAD drawing provides the user with a basic overview of size and scale of the project prior to 3D design.

If you only have a single component to design, 3D CAD modeling is not an ideal tool due to its multi-layers and more complex procedures. While 2D CAD program is good at handling it with more details. 

While dealing with 3D CAD designs, the files' size becomes too big, and usually, it is hard to accomplish when you have an old version of the computer. Nevertheless, it is not the case with 2D CAD designs because they occupy less space and make it easier to edit and open files even if your computer is out of memory.

2D CAD solutions are much more economical than 3D CAD is. Moreover, as the project output time is reduced, the cost of hiring an expert reduces significantly. Also, the 2D CAD designs are easy to understand and expectations are usually met at first go.


Figure 2

As per the findings of a survey, design engineers still use 2D CAD design tools, in almost half of their general CAD software utilization.

Despite the extensive use of 3D CAD models, the need for 2D drawings is evident for engineering CAD designs, which can be created using the best 2D CAD software in 2023 provided by ZWSOFTIf you are new to it and want to explore without any financial commitment, ZWCAD provides a 30-day free trial, allowing you to test it without any restrictions. Once the trial period concludes, you have the option to subscribe or make a one-time purchase for permanent use. If you find it challenging to master, you can also explore other free 2D CAD software options available on the internet.

A dependable partner with required experience in providing 2D drafting services can offer quality, accuracy in scheduling and estimation of your EPC project. We also help with the right-fit solution based on your industry/sector and bespoke business requirements. Resultantly, you can achieve a quick project dispatch with the highest return on your investments.

We hope that you found a satisfactory answer to the question of “What Is A 2D CAD Software and What are its Strength?” here.


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