Which 2D CAD Software is Best for Pipe Design?

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Which 2D CAD Software is Best for Pipe Design?

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Which 2D CAD Software is Best for Pipe Design?

ZWSchool 2021-07-02 14:33:00

In the present times, the piping industry is overwhelmingly using computer-aided design (CAD) software. There are diverse applications of these designs in the piping industry, and the diversity is manifested by numerous levels of sophisticated CAD programs. This sophistication of CAD use may change from the design of one product to another and one department to another. Nevertheless, the piping industry mainly comprises two designing solutions that can be segregated into 2D CAD software and 3D CAD software. 

 According to reports, the global market value of the pipeline industry in 2020 was around $2529.75 billion, and by the end of 2027, this figure might reach the value of $3228.30 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 3.4%.

Meanwhile, it wouldn't be wrong to say that CAD software will play a vital role in paving the way for the giant annual revenue for the piping industry. These software are increasingly dominating this industry since accuracy and precision have become key factors to improve any process's efficiency, and pipes are part of that process. 

Although the emergence of 3D software overshadows the need for 2D software, 2D CAD software is still widely adopted and used in piping industries. For the time being, the most significant use of 2D drawings in the piping industry is preparing the layout for piping. Besides many available solutions, 2D CAD software for two-dimensional drafting is dominated, undoubtedly led by specific reasons.

The main reason behind using 2D CAD software in the piping industry is a simple design layout of pipes, not in all cases, but in most cases. Others include design flexibility, accuracy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.


Difficulties and Requirements of Pipeline Design 

Though the pipeline industry comes across many difficulties in designing pipes, fortunately, credible CAD software has always been in line to present the solution. Let's now take a look at the requirements for pipeline design, which can also be considered as challenges coming in the way to a successful pipeline design:


1. Accuracy in Dimension and Use of CAD software

Pipes are used from domestic to oil & gas industry where precision and accuracy become the most critical factors, which come up as the first challenge for the pipe industry. Whether for regular or high-profile applications, we cannot compromise on the accuracy of pipes' dimensions.  

But there is nothing to worry about because CAD software offers its highly laudable services to improve accuracy of layout and design of the pipe. With piping CAD software, engineers can strictly meet the dimensional criteria for pipes' design. Secondly, 2D CAD software is especially more active to offer its services as its design is comparatively less complex. 


2. Choice of Material

The project's success depends on the material choice that needs to be confirmed during pipe modeling. While designing the pipes, 2D CAD software presents you with a suitable option for materials, and it depends on an accurate understanding of the process for which pipes are to be used. For example, it needs to consider whether the design is for the oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, or domestic purposes. 

Additionally, while designing the process and selecting materials, engineers also need to check the possible pressure and other forces that might act on pipes from internal and external sides. Letting your CAD software know about these specified circumstances will help you have your pipe's best possible design.


3. Analysis of Design  

Once you have completed the designing process, you cannot send it to be manufactured right away. Instead, you need to analyze your design under certain circumstances that pipes might need to face when made operational. Hand in hand, it should also be noted that there must be flexibility for the expansion and contraction of pipes due to weather changes.

All things considered, CAD software is the solution to propose a sustainable pipe design. 


How to Choose the Best CAD for Piping Design Works?

We should analyze the following factors before choosing the CAD software for piping design works: 

ü  Does the software also give value for money?

ü  Is the software you are selecting compatible with your existing systems and adaptable for you and your team?

ü  What other features does the software have? Make sure you choose the software that has the most features.

ü  Is the software fast and stable and can easily handle files of large size or not? 

With all these points in mind, shouldn't we introduce you to the software that covers it all? So, we would suggest you use ZWCAD software in this regard. 

The EPLANT®-Piping add-on is available for ZWCAD


Benefits of Using ZWCAD for Pipe Industry

ZWCAD offers exceptionally well features to its users. They include:

1. Conveniently Handles Large Files 

Whether you have a piece of model or a bunch of files to handle, you can easily use ZWCAD software for fast and stable throughout. Thanks to its upgraded graphic engine, ZWCAD 2021 takes way less time to read drawings. According to collected user data, files whose size are bigger than 100 MB, on average, take less than a minute to open in ZWCAD 2021.


2. Suitable for 2D and 3D Modeling  

The feature that truly deserves to be appreciated is its ability to serve for both 2D and 3D purposes. You can design a simple product or an intricate one with an abundance of functions. This way, you don’t need separate software for designing solutions as ZWCAD offers both 2D CAD and 3D CAD solutions.


3. Best to Work with Well-Known Add-ons 

Sometimes it can be exhausting to manage your project when it involves a vast number of piping lines. For that reason, you might need to use some piping applications, along with CAD software. The good thing is that ZWCAD works best in collaboration with other applications so that your productivity soars. Accordingly, if you want to use multiple add-ons with ZWCAD to increase the process's efficiency, it will come up to your expectations.



The piping industry is one of the leading sectors that add considerable revenue to the annual global economy. It requires explicit designing solutions to meet the requirements for pipe designing, and ZWCAD comes up as the optimal designing answer for creating all kinds of pipes. This software is a two-in-one solution that supports 2D CAD and 3D CAD within a single software. Also, it possesses a fantastic capacity to work with other handy add-ons for the pipe industry.

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