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Why is ZWCAD Portable Important in Civil Engineering

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Why is ZWCAD Portable Important in Civil Engineering

ZWSchool 2021-02-15 14:39:00

The history of civil engineering predates the modern era. Man's need to build shelters and amenities has existed for long. But civil engineering is far beyond shelter and amenity building. It is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physically and naturally built environment. It consists of couples of sub-disciplines, like structural engineering and surveying. As a civil engineer, you must visit the site frequently. With work culture seemingly poised to be on the go, there is now a need for a CAD software package that can cater to the diverse needs of civil engineers. A portable CAD application will come in handy during such field studies, for viewing, editing, measuring, and better communicating anytime anywhere. So, this article probes into CAD Pockets, the portable version of ZWCAD and one of the popular mobile CAD software in the industry today.   What is ZWCAD Portable?  CAD Pockets, which sometimes goes under the name of ZWCAD Portable, is a mobile CAD software from ZWSOFT. It is available on the Android and IOS platforms, which enables civil engineers, construction personnel, and other third-party players alike to view, edit, and measure 2D and 3D drawings on the go. When we say “on the go”, we mean whether one is on the construction site, in the office, or even at home, they can do most of their design needs on the platform of ZWCAD Portable straight from their mobile devices.

ZWCAD Portable:CAD Pockets

Highlights of ZWCAD Portable in Civil Engineering Computer-aided-design features are not limited to computers alone. In fact, advances in mobile device technology imply that the same end-use functions derived from PC- and laptop-based CAD software packages are also achievable on a mobile CAD program like CAD pockets. The secret sauces that make CAD Pockets an ideal choice for civil engineers and the like are:

  1. Design Anytime, Anywhere: Although on the road, civil engineers also hope to put ideas that pop up suddenly on the drawings immediately. With CAD Pockets, every civil engineer can literally work on the go. One does not have to wait till they get a laptop or get to the office before they can get productive. A fundamental purpose for every CAD tool is its ability to create design drawings. In other words, ZWCAD portable is furnished with basic and advanced drawing and editing tools to create and transform designs into what you have envisioned whenever and wherever you want.


  1. Seamless Compatibility: Civil engineers inevitably have to check the design drawings in different formats at any time when they are on site, while it is not a wise way to carry a PC. But, your drawings created with different CAD software can be opened and read at ease in CAD Pockets without the tedious file format conversion. Civil engineers can feel free to view drawings in .DWG, .DWF, .DXF, and .PDF formats on smart device right away. A rich font library is embedded ensures the correct display of multi-lingual texts.

Seamless Compatibility

  1. Easy Collaboration: Collaboration is an essential part of civil engineering, because it let the team work to be completed more efficiently and perfectly. ZWCAD Portable was built with collaborative efforts in mind. It has a sort of virtual environment where users can assign, discuss, review and edit, and finally, share files with one another, which helps civil engineers to assign a task, manage your team, and keep track of the project easier.

Easy Collaboration

Whether you use the free or premium version, CAD Pockets offers civil engineers a quick way to leave notes. With voice and photo memos, your ideas and suggestions can get through to your team more clearly. Another good thing to know is that, as a ZWCAD Portable user, civil engineers are able to share drawings via the commonly used mobile communication applications, for example, Mail, and they can easily get access engineering drawings from the cloud.  

  1. Smart Measurement: Smart measurement tools, like length and arc, enable civil engineers to get the accurate measurement just by simply touching related entities. Although it seems like a simple touch, CAD Pockets actually snaps the specific vertex, selects the entities needed, and brings civil engineers a precise result.


  1. File Management Functions: CAD Pockets supports the standard DWG file format used by most CAD software. It also allows the conversion from the DWG file format to transfer into other forms, which makes it easier for file sharing across messaging platforms.


  1. Deployment of Real-Time Solutions: As most civil engineering practitioners are aware; revision is almost a routine. In the process of carrying out designs and construction-related jobs, errors and new suggestions are bound to occur. So, whether you are working in a team or individually, you can rest assured that ZWCAD Portable can help you solve them in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

    For every civil engineer or AEC professional who is looking for a more efficient way to carry out drawing, design, and visualization related work on the go, CAD Pockets is definitely the answer. CAD Pockets was designed and built with collaboration and convenience in mind. Its numerous tools and support for cloud technologies make it a good choice for both individuals and the entire work team.   CAD Pockets was created by ZWSOFT, a household name in the CAD/CAM/CAE fields with popular CAD software packages like ZWCAD and ZW3D. We have a portfolio that cuts across over 90 countries and regions, 900,000 clients, and hundreds of partners around the globe. For more information about other products and services, visit our website today.

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