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CADENAS: PARTsolutions and ZW3D for Better Product Design

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CADENAS: PARTsolutions and ZW3D for Better Product Design

ZWSight 2019-05-16 11:13:36
In 2018, ZWSOFT established cooperation with CADENAS, the leading software developer in the areas of strategic parts management and parts reduction, and introduced its PARTsolutions into ZW3D 2019. With more than 260 million parts downloaded every year, PARTsolutions contains abundant part resources. Together with the advanced search tools, ZW3D users can easily find and reuse the standard parts to speed up the design process, promote enterprise standardization, and reduce engineering costs. On March 28th, 2019, Mr. Yongzheng Li, General Manager from CADENAS China was invited to attend ZWorld 2019 and gave a speech about how PARTsolutions speeds up design in ZW3D, enabling the audience to get a better idea of how standard parts library can help with their 3D CAD design. CADENAS in ZWorld

Mr. Yongzheng Li in ZWorld 2019

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to communicate face to face with him, although it was such a short time since he needed to catch the train for another business meeting on that day. Let’s see his impressions on ZWorld and his ideas about the cooperation with ZWSOFT.

  • How do you feel like being to ZWorld?
It is great. ZWSOFT has good organizing ability, and I can feel its influence in the engineering software industry.
  • Could you briefly introduce CADENAS?
CADENAS is a leading developer in the field of strategic parts management. We mainly have two kinds of products. One is the online parts library. Another is the searching engine for 3D models.
  • We are glad that CADENAS and ZW3D have achieved a partnership by introducing PARTsolutions into ZW3D 2019. What’s the motivation behind this cooperation?
It is triple-win cooperation. Most importantly, users can directly use the vast online database of standard parts provided by CADENAS, greatly enhancing their work efficiency. And with the excellent 3D CAD platform provided by ZW3D, our PARTsolutions can play a better role. Meanwhile, the ZW3D solution can be further complemented by integrating PARTsolutions, making product design easier.
  • What do you expect from future cooperation with ZWSOFT?
Now we have already had a plan for further cooperation with ZW3D. In the future, we intend to add more functions to PARTsolutions, and we will support the original ZW3D format, to bring higher efficiency to users.
Great thanks to Mr. Li. I was so happy to talk to this gentleman. But what made me even more excited was that our ZW3D solution had won the trust from our eco-partners, and we could join hand-in-hand to provide a better solution to our users.


Want to have a try of PARTsolutions in ZW3D? Follow the below simple steps! STEP 1: Install ZW3D. STEP 2: Click the icon of PARTsolutions, which can be found in the APP Ribbon menu. App Ribbon STEP 3: Download and install the PARTsolutions package. STEP 4: Again, click the icon of PARTsolutions, and you can launch PARTsolutions from ZW3D and access the online part library. Then you can select the models you need from the resourceful parts library, transfer them to CAD entities and import them to ZW3D. [embed][/embed]

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