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ZWSOFT CEO Interview - Part 3(1) - All-in-one CAx

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ZWSOFT CEO Interview - Part 3(1) - All-in-one CAx

ZWSight 2019-08-28 12:13:14

All-in-one CAx: For the Industry

What’s the focus of ZWSOFT for the next 20 years?

Our No.1 focus is to serve the industry, or the “pan-industry”, including AEC, MFG, etc. Combining closely with the industry is what I believe the future of ZWSOFT. This requires us to concentrate on all-in-one CAx. From interior design software to 2D CAD platform, to 3D CAD or CAM, and to the recently-released ZWSim-EM, our first CAE for electromagnetic analysis, we are moving towards all-in-one CAx step by step. You can compare them to different jigsaw pieces, which finally together comprise a sophisticated jigsaw puzzle. If any of those pieces are missing, we will probably not be qualified enough to join the mainstream competitions, since all-in-one is the cornerstone, or the basic threshold for competitors in this industry. To summarize, we will continue to focus on CAx, and spare no efforts to serve various industries with reliable engineering software and service. [caption id="attachment_1453" align="aligncenter" width="800"]ZWSOFT CEO INTERVIEW Truman was sharing ZWSOFT’s all-in-one CAx blueprint in ZWorld 2019[/caption]


You just mentioned the future of ZWSOFT lays in combining closely with the industry. Can you elaborate on that?

As I mentioned, in the past 20 years, we had been dedicated to developing a very standardized CAD platform for all kinds of industries, satisfying their basic needs and enabling them to customize according to their specific needs. We were purely a “software” company, which seemed to be high-end, but actually, it was “floating in the air”, since it did not go deep into the actual production work and help solve very specific problems. But we are working on it now – to become “down to the earth” by combining more closely with different industries, no matter mold and die, automobile, vessels, transportation, or even aerospace, etc., and providing more in-depth and customized solutions to them. How in-depth it could be? ZWSOFT is trying to reach out and connect with a number of complicated links in the industrial production chain, to make all kinds of machine tools, equipment, warehouses, etc. at these links work more efficiently, helping our clients increase productivity and make profits. Only in this way can we gain a firm foothold in the market and do something that really matters. In a word, we will be committed to “engineering software” rather than just software, which means we will pay attention to the industry instead of only to the software, to help different industries solve their practical problems, and grow together with them. ZWSOFT will always insist on that. [caption id="attachment_1454" align="aligncenter" width="800"]ZWSOFT CEO INTERVIEW_2 Truman was trying EX-CAD, which was developed by Korea Expressway Corporation based on CAD Pockets from ZWSOFT, and is used for road and bridge inspection.[/caption]

All-in-one CAx: A MUST-DO

To be one of the world’s mainstream CAx/PLM providers, are you confident of that?

I don’t think it’s a matter of confidence. It is a must-do. First off, we have been preparing for it all these years, and our hard work has been paying off gradually. We are one of those a few companies which possesses the R&D ability for all categories including CAD, CAM and CAE. We have five R&D centers around the world – Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan in China, and Florida in America. Over 50% of our staff are masters and doctors. The number of our R&D team is over 200, which accounts for 1/3 of all the staff. This team will be dramatically expanded in the next few years. Speaking of this, I want to particularly mention our American team, which consists of senior R&D experts with over 25-year experience and unique advantages in the field of 3D CAD/CAM in America and even the world, particularly in geometric modeling, hybrid modeling, five-axis machining, and other highly sophisticated technologies. Joining ZWSOFT in 2010, they have made very significant influences and contributions. They play a vital role in the design of our product framework, and point out the possibility of ZWSOFT’s future. More importantly, they have helped our Chinese team grow rapidly. Therefore, I hope that we can always keep a flesh-and-blood relationship with the American team, and keep developing this team for a long term. It means a lot to us. [caption id="attachment_1455" align="aligncenter" width="800"]ZWSOFT CEO INTERVIEW_3 ZWSOFT’s American R&D Team[/caption] Another reason is that we gradually realize that ZWSOFT is competent to serve worldwide industries. America has GE and PTC; France has Dassault; Germany has Siemens. Alike, China is also one of those huge economies in the world with considerable economic volume and industrial base, so, for sure, one or two mainstream CAx providers will also be born in China, and I hope that it will be ZWSOFT. I am confident, as long as we stick to it unswervingly.

So, on the road of achieving this goal, what opportunities can you see?

In my opinion, the biggest opportunity is re-industrialization, or the upgrade of manufacture. We can notice that the return to industry is becoming a trend, like America wanting their factories back. There will anyway be some people who keep their feet on the ground and focus on scientific research and the industry. In the past, Chinese people can only make shoes and socks, but now we can produce all kinds of machine tools; we could only make bicycles in the old days, but now we can manufacture ships and planes. This upgrade of manufacture is a huge potential for CAx providers, since they create a full set of mathematical model which drives industrialization by producing and managing all the data.

What about challenges?

As for challenges, to be honest, I am not too worried about that, because industry develops in a relatively stable way – it is huge, and its development requires workers’ long-term study and growth generation after generation. Simply put, if two generations update one technology, it will take about 40 years before there is a dramatic change. Therefore, I think the real enemies are ourselves. If we can prevent ourselves from temptations, stay focused on our advantages, make products that are really good, and create values for our customers, then nothing can be difficult for us.   You could review other parts of this series here! Part 1: Beginner’s Mind: Bigger and Better Part 2: Share and Balance, Simple and Clear Part 3: All-in-one CAx (2) Part 4: Cooperation > Competition Part 5: Next 20 Years: Stay True to the Mission

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