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Greetings from ZWCAD CAD Design Contest Winners

I am the 12th most popular. I was given a license code and already am using this. I would like to introduce ZWCAD to my friends in my field.

- Jay Manching
I'm really proud of wining this hard and interesting contest. I hope, that my designs will be much better. Thanks that prize.
- Bartosz Sulkowski
I would like to say thank you for your generosity and I strongly believe that ZWCAD will gain more adherents because of its versatility and high standards in creating a software that answers the needs of the modern Designers. Wishing you more success and prosperity in the years to come
- Francis

ZWSOFT Releases
ZWCAD 2009 Update Patch !

vernum: 2009.05.12(10270)

After the release of ZWCAD 2009, ZWSOFT continued to meet the requirements of its users by announcing its latest update patch (vernum: 2009.05.12) on May 14.

Based on the previous version of ZWCAD 2009, this update patch has greatly improved the stability and functionality of ZWCAD. Things that have been fixed include stability problems, inconsistency of commands in the command line and dialog boxes, problems in application programming interface (APIs) and problems of commonly used editing commands.

The detailed update list and the downloading of ZWCAD 2009 update patch is now available on:
ZWCAD 2009 Multi-lingual Versions

To meet the needs of regional markets and let increasing numbers of local people experience the powerful and efficient functions of ZWCAD, ZWSOFT has been developing and releasing a series of localized versions since the publicity of ZWCAD 2009 English version. ZWCAD 2009 Japanese was released on May 13, 2009. Another two localized versions, ZWCAD 2009 Spanish and ZWCAD 2009 Polish will be issued later this month.

All language versions of ZWCAD 2009 can be downloaded on

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