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ZWCAD 2011 - CAD Made Easier

  • Productivity Breakthrough - Parametric Drafting 
  • Effective & Efficient Tools - Table, MLeader, Field, etc. 
  • Better User Experience - Snap, Refedit, Raster Image, etc. 
  • Optimized Application Programming Interfaces.
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    New Features of ZWCAD 2011

           Parametric Drafting
           Dimension Break
    ZWSOFT Solution World 2010
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    ZWCAD 2011 Technical Tips & Tricks
    Tables Are Now Available in ZWCAD 2011
    Now with the new table feature, it is easy to create tables in ZWCAD. There are two ways to create table: you can either create a new empty table, or construct one from an existing Excel file. If the table is not very complex, I don’t use Excel to create the table. Instead, I use another way, which is to say, from an empty table.

    Creating Designs Easily with Parametric Tools
    As a mechanical engineer, I need to deal with a lot of mechanical drawings. Most of them have orthographic views, which are also known as three-view drawings. In the past, if I needed to edit the model, I would have to edit it in each view, which was rather troublesome. But recently I tried parametric functions of ZWCAD 2011, and found this feature can ease my workload.
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