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Inside this issue, you will discover all the latest technical videos, tips & tricks, and tutorial videos, to boost your productivity with ZW3D.
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MCADCafe Interview - Mark Vorwaller, President of ZWSOFT America
Tips & Tricks
Whole-process 3D Mold Design with ZWMold
ZWMold permits designers to focus on mold design, and not just the tools they use.                                                                                                                            Read More>>

How to Use ZW3D Turning Module

The turning module integrated into ZW3D 2012 permits actions such as turn drilling, facing, rough turning, finish turning, turn grooving, and threading cycles, as well as part-off.                                                                                                                          Read More>>
ZW3D 2012 Tutorial Videos
Adding a Moldbase and Standard Part Library
Adding a Moldbase and Standard Part Library Easily add standard parts through built-in mold libraries, such as screws, locating rings, ejector pins, and cooling systems.

Create Parting Lines Manually
Create Parting Lines Manually
How to Automatically or manually create parting lines and faces in ZW3D 2012.

Splitting with Color Region in ZW3D 2012
Splitting with Color Region in ZW3D 2012
Split solids, and open geometry in seconds, without healing models.

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