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Inside this issue, you will discover all the latest technical tips & tricks and knowledge base updates, to boost your productivity with ZWCAD.
Tips & Tricks
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The Many Ways to Count Blocks in Drawings
Sometimes we need to count the number of blocks that exist in our drawings. It turns out that there are several approaches to doing this in ZWCAD.
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How to Override In-use Dimension Styles in CAD
When we use Design Center to override a dimension style, ZWCAD pops up a message that says that “…dimstyle(s) added. Duplicate definitions will be ignored.”
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How to Delete Stubborn Layers
Sometimes there are too many layers in my drawings, many of which have little or nothing on them. I can't, however, seem to delete them, even with the Purge command.
Knowledge Base
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How to Add a Customized Hatch?
I don’t want to use the standard hatch pattern of ZWCAD, I have my own design which is special and more vivid. How to use my customized hatch pattern? Actually it is quite easy to import your customized hatch pattern into ZWCAD.

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How to Preserve the Attribute Value after Exploding the Attribute Block in ZWCAD?
We use EXPLODE to make the attribute block into pieces. But the attributes lose all the data you have given. It shows the attribute tag instead. How do you keep the data in attributes after exploding?

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The Shortcut Keys to Switch Viewport in Layout
We can double click to activate viewport in layout space, but a CAD geek who enjoys operating ZWCAD from keyboard would love to speed up with shortcut keys.  What’s the key to switch viewport in layout?
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