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ZWCAD+: A New Name for the Next ZWCAD
Dear Sir/Madam,

The next ZWCAD will have many ground-breaking improvements, including excitingly new and enhanced features, and powerful APIs, which will take your design experience to a whole new level. To mark these breakthroughs, the upcoming version on ZWCAD will have a new name, ZWCAD+.
 Take a Sneak Peek at ZWCAD+
Watch ZWCAD+ UI Video Now>>
ZWCAD+ will include a different Ribbon Interface and SmartMouse. These are just two of the many fundamentally new features in ZWCAD+, which will provide you with a much more fluid design experience.
With SmartMouse, you just need to hold down the right mouse button, and move the mouse on a certain track to trigger frequently used commands such as NEW, CIRCLE and MOVE, which will help speed up the design process.

In ZWCAD+, the ribbon panel is designed to have JUST-ENOUGH buttons and let them all show on the panel, which brings simplicity to the whole interface.

Want to learn more about ZWCAD+? Stay tuned for updates at ZWSOFT Facebook.
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