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Inside this issue, you will discover all the latest technical videos, tips & tricks, and training manuals, to boost your productivity with ZW3D.
Featured Videos
3D Connexion 3D Mouse Helps Design Easier in ZW3D
Seven Steps to Create a Render with Artisan For ZW3D
Tips & Tricks
Tips for Stock in ZW3D CAD/CAM
This article shows how to customize stock and how to reuse the verification result as the stock for the solid verification. It is helpful for the CAM programmers in ZW3D to increase the flexibility and the efficiency.
Rest-roughing Becomes Easier with ZW3D’s CAM Function
With the Ref-Op function in ZW3D CAD/CAM, we can easily create the rest-roughing tool-paths. These tool-paths are accurate and efficient.
ZW3D Training Manuals
Download ZW3D Mold Training Manual Now
ZW3D Mold Training Manual
This training manual introduces how to import and create geometry, create assembled structure, add mold base & standard parts, and create bill of materials, with ZW3D 2012.

Download ZW3D Turning Training Manual Now
ZW3D Turning Training Manual
This training manual will guide you through how to generate tool paths for 2X turning, and support OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving operations, and more.
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