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Inside this issue, you will discover the latest customer story, a product review, tips & tricks, and video tutorials that will boost your productivity with ZW3D.
Featured Customer Story
Feist Co. Beats the Supply Chain Clock with ZW3D
Feist Co. Beats the Supply Chain Clock with ZW3D
For six years ZW3D has covered the process chain from inquiry handling to the transfer of NC programs on the machines.
Product Review
ZW3D 2012 Premium Software Review By Mcadcafe
Its greatest strength and differentiator is the fact that in one package, you have all the tools necessary for going from design through manufacturing (machining).
Tips & Tricks
Work More Efficiently in ZW3D by Customizing Its User Interface
When you modify its UI to fit the way you work, you'll find that ZW3D becomes more convenient to use, and that your workflow becomes more efficient.
Improving CAM Programming Efficiency with ZW3D’s Reference Tool
With the Reference Tool function, ZW3D can create efficient rest finishing tool paths that are accurate and efficient by reducing programming and machine time.
Video Tutorials
  Watch the Video>>  
Watch the Video>>
Watch the Video>>
The Spiral Cut Operation
The spiral cut operation is a facing (area clearance) or pocketing technique, which advances the tool at each depth by proceeding toward or away from the part boundaries.
The Box Cut Operation
The box cut operation is a facing (area clearance) or pocketing technique, similar to the zigzag cut except the cuts are all in the same direction. The tool is lifted between each cut.
The Profile Cut Operation
The profile cut operation cuts any number of open or closed curve boundaries (CAM Profile features) or CAM Components containing geometry profiles.
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