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TcpMDT Professional

Applications 2021-03-18 14:54:00 3479

TcpMDT Professional


1. Surfaces

It includes advanced surface operations for creating subgrades with a fixed or variable elevation, balance cut and fill volumes and many more.


2. Alignments

MDT provides commands for the design of horizontal and vertical alignments and exchange data through LandXML and other formats.

3. Road Templates

MDT allows the definition of road sections applicable to each segment of an alignment, both on urban and road projects.

4. Profiles and Cross-Sections

Detailed profiles and cross-sections of terrain and roads can be drawn in model or paper space, with many customization options.

5. Setting-out

It is possible to set out surveying points, points on an alignment, station and offset, station and code, polyline vertices etc.

6. Networks

This menu provides functions for the design of networks for water supply, sewerage, rainwater…

7. Areas and Volumes

MDT has commands for quantity take-off with areas and volume reports, quick certification, BIM-5D and BIM-6D, mass diagrams…

8. Road Viewer

It includes a powerful terrain or road viewer in which the lighting conditions can be changed and simulate phenomena such as fog, rain, wind, etc.

9. BIM

MDT can import/export IFC format files having surfaces, alignments, road surface layers, etc.