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TcpMDT Images

Applications 2021-03-18 16:32:00 609

TcpMDT Images


1. Orthophotos

MDT Images automatically inserts in their real position on the drawing a series of orthophotos in the most usual formats.



2. Georeferencing

There are several options for georeferencing aerial photos or scanned maps, assigning them real world coordinates.


3. Photos with location

MDT Images also insert photos at its own location if they have been taken by smartphones and cameras with GPS.


4. Web Map Services

It is possible to capture and insert in their real position on the drawing the compatible WMS (Web Map Services) and WMTS (Web Map Tile Services) provided by any supplier.


5. Distortion of Images

By means of the use of reference lines or marks an image may be deformed by projective transformation or Rubber-Sheeting.