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1. Design fast and convenient


Thanks to many features available in the CADprofi program you will perform your job much faster.


For a small price you can easily draw and edit projects using advanced commands and the largest library of symbols and objects. CADprofi contains 4 modules that will satisfy the needs of every designer or CAD user:


- CADprofi Mechanical 

- CADprofi Architectural 

- CADprofi HVAC & Piping 

- CADprofi Electrical 


2. Thousands of CAD symbols


Don't waste your time on creating your own CAD blocks!


Buy professional libraries of symbols created in accordance with both national and international standards.


CP-Symbols contains 17 libraries, which can be bought separately or in branch series:


    CP-Symbols Mechanical Series

    CP-Symbols Architectural Series

    CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping Series

    CP-Symbols Electrical Series


Smart symbol insertion, automatic creation of specifications are just some of program advantages.


3. Manufacturers' libraries


Take advantage of a collection of libraries from many well-known manufacturers:


    Apparatus and electrical switchboards.

    Busbars, mesh cable trays.

    Designing lighting protection system.

    Armature, pumps, boilers, tanks, etc.

    Elements of exhaust fumes/chimney installations.

    Elements of plumbing installations.

    Typical boiler systems.


4. Multilanguage


The Unicode based user interface supports 24 languages. 


You can easily change the language in the configuration program.


Our software is available through well developed distributors network in many countries, thanks to this you can have direct support in your native language.


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