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ZWCAD Civil 10

Applications 2021-03-22 15:21:00 908

1. Interactive updates between horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, cross sections, layout, volumes, drainage pipelines layout, drainage pipelines profiles, retaining walls behavior (if exist) etc.


2. Quick earthworks balancing in site development and reservoirs design.


3. Immediate updates between RAW file (observation file), coordinates file, map lines and blocks that were drawn based on surveyed coordinates and topography/contour lines.


4. Integration between the alphanumeric data and the drawing via the “open database” approach to all the design elements (alignment, profile, cross sections etc.), enabling tabular data updates and their manipulation on the drawings and vice-versa.


5. Interactive updates between underground infrastructure’s layout (sewage, drainage, water, electricity, gas etc.), profile, quantities and related reports (flow charts, manholes table etc.)


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