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Partsolutions not only provides the component model library for the automation manufacturer but also introduces the powerful data retrieval function.

•Find and reuse parts faster using advanced search tools geometric, text, similarity, sketch search and more.
•Save engineering and procurement costs by reusing existing parts rather than introducing new ones.
Make smarter business decisions and clean up your engineering ecosystem with semi-automatic classification.


•Various ways to find parts
•A clear classification of parts
•Huge amounts of parts in different standard

Installation Instruction:

Open ZW3D. Click the partsolution icon in the APP tab. It will link to the website for downloading partsolution. After downloading and installation, you can easily use it in ZW3D



CADENAS is a leading software developer in the areas of Strategic Parts Management and parts reduction.

(PARTsolutions) as well as Electronic Product Catalogs (eCATALOGsolutions).
CADENAS' tailorable software solutions act as a link between component manufacturers, their.
products and the buyers.
70% of the top 50 manufacturers who are demanded by engineers rely on eCATALOGsolutions from CADENAS as a CAD catalogue solution (DVD, Web, Print, Mobile) for your products.

154 of the 1,000 global players from Germany rely on PARTsolutions by CADENAS.

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