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SimWise FEA

Applications 2021-03-25 11:59:00 1274

It transfers geometry directly from ZW3D and allows you to add structural specific entities to the model resulting in a functional structural prototype of your design. It simulates that prototype using advanced physics and mathematical techniques and presents the results of the simulation in various graphic and numeric formats. You can quickly determine whether your design is robust enough to operate as intended or if modifications are necessary. All on the computer, all without costly and time-consuming physical prototypes and before warranty issues arise.

-Rich Set of Loads and Restraints
-SimWise FEA has a rich set of functional objects that are added to your CAD model to build a functional structural prototype. These objects include:
 Concentrated loads, distributed loads, torques, and pressures
-Restraints and enforced displacements
-Prescribed temperatures, conductive and convective heat flux, and radiation

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