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Jewelry CAD CAM Master, LLC


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Jewelry CAD Dream combines a superfast high end hybrid modeling engine with direct modeling, a plethora of jewelry cad tools, along with high level history based modeling bringing you the most powerful tools in the jewelry cad industry. Working in Jewelry CAD Dream you have all this at your fingertips in tandem with Ultra Realistic renderings and animations to showcase your work.


Jewelry Dream1.jpg

Jewelry Dream2.jpg

Jewelry Dream3.jpg



- history allows full reworking of existing models

"rethink and change any design decision made !"

- easily changing ring size, shank shape, and profiles

"reshape premade rings for easy customization !"

- all tools allow varying stone count and sizes

"larger rings will automatically receive more stones !"

- ability to apply tools to single stones or entire tools

"generate cutters for stones by selecting the tool in history - not the stones itself !"

- ability to swap tools history

"reordering the tool sequence allows for more freedom in design !"

- auto-shape, auto-sized settings and cutters

"settings and cutters automatically generate from the stones' shape and size !"

- auto-adjusting prongs, scallops and vcuts

"prongs will change according the changing number and arrangement of stones !"

- variety of azure cutters

"from classic straight hex-cut to freely adjusting shape !"

- engraving ornaments, patterns, text

"easily change patterns and ornaments for embossing !"

- variety of pave setting functions

"auto-layout stones driven by curves and surfaces !"

- interactive live render

"stunning realistic images directly within the CAD !"

- variety of props like ring box, ring finger, and bracelet stand

"present jewelry in a professional manner !"

- more than 20 fully premade ring templates

"fully premade rings, each again in various shapes !"

- more than 20 skeleton ring templates

"smart ring templates - perfect starting point for your own designs !"

- 200 hours of well-assorted training material

"online jewelry design training for every level at any time you want !"



Jewelry CAD CAM Master, LLC

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